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Submitting a Case Study

Submitting a Case Study

This page in not intended to be a strict peer reviewed reference source. The case studies submitted to this page will undergo peer review by volunteer chiropractors and other professionals from across the globe. There is no sanctioning body for this page, it is available for the presentation and discussion of case studies as presented by practicing chiropractors in the field.

The case studies submitted must be original. The text will remain the property of the author and may be resubmitted, disseminated, or removed at the authors request at any time.

The text will be submitted with the known fact that these materials may be copied and transmitted over the internet. The text is to be used for the sole purpose of discussion and exploration of issues within the clinical practice of chiropractic. Any other use of these materials is not sanctioned by this page or it's author.

All case studies must be submitted in ASCII text format. This allows for full distribution without formatting problems. Files may be archived with any universal compression software for faster transmission (ex. PK-Zip). Please include your name, e-mail address and or mailing address with your case study.

Submit a Case Study

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