The "Lorcha"

The Macao Maritime Museum Calls This Craft a "Lorcha"
They did, however, name her "Junco Ama"
The Lorcha is usually defined as an East-West hybrid vessel of some sort, when it is defined at all.
For what it's worth, this vessel appears to me to be entirely of the East.
I would call it a "Power Junk", or possibly a Steroidal Sampan.
Whatever it's called, it is ubiquitous in the Hong Kong/Macao Area.

Here is one in white, c/w laundry.
The families who live aboard have come up a notch from pole-powered sampans.

Here is one in blue.

Here is a different one in blue.

Here is a smaller one, easy to regard as a sampan.

Wheelhouse - Helmsman is Sitting Cross-legged

Tiller Controlled by Helmsman via Cabling Attached to Wheel

General View of Stern House Interior
The tiller is in the center of the second level.
There are sleeping areas behind the dividers on either side.
Comfy little den, eh?

Looking Forward Through Stern House Hatch
The tuns are used for seating tourists.

Crew - Chap on the Right is Not a Chap

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