Italian Serie A Dictionary

Editor's Note:
This brilliant collection of terms from Paul Mettewie , posted originally on, will allow the viewer to more closely understand RAI Serie A broadcasts, or 90.minuto. It is not as complete as the German-English Soccer terms, but then again, why would you watch the Serie A if you could watch the Bundesliga?

Mama mia, Alessandro Del Piero!
= Damn, you're a Diving Twat!

Ah...Patricca Cluivertti
= Damn, is there an air bag in this car?!?!

Arriverderci, Arrigo Sacchi
= Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Buon giorno, Gianluca Pagliuca
= Good morning, a Russian just stepped on my leg!

Buona Sera, Andrea Canccelschi
= Good night, an Inter defender broke my leg!

Madonna, miseria Dino Zoff!
= Mother of God, that man is smoking a carton of cigarettes! At the same time!

Mama mia, Beppe Signori!
= Damn, you're a diving twat! (Roman dialect)

Aiutatemi, Billy Costacurta!
= Help me! That man is rabid!

Miseria, Zinedini Zinidani
= Help! My hair is disappearing!!!

Attenzione Zaccheroni!
= Attention, this man is no longer a genius!!

Mama mia, Checco Moriero!
= Damn, you're a diving twat! (Milanese dialect)

Veni, vedi, Napoli
= We came, we saw, we were relegated.

Funiculi, funicula, Fabio Capello!
= Yeah, yeah, the coach is a twat!

Ooooo, Patrizio Cluiverto!
= Ooo, but I thought you knew I was 14!

Buon viaggio, Roberto Baggio
= See ya, wouldn't want to be ya!

Luiz Nazario da Lima Ronaldo
= Show me the money!!!