JTD in action!


OK. So it's not really me. But that's supposed to be one of the advantages of cyberspace: You can pretend to be whoever, and nobody knows the difference. After all, you don't think that that 19 yr hot babe nymphomaniac you were "chatting" with online is anybody but a 45 year old male pervert with a beer belly?!

If you don't know who's really in the picture, then you're not much of a soccer fan. So get lost. OK, if you must know, it's o baixinho, Romario, of Brazil. He played for Eindhoven and Barcelona in Europe, with a short stint at Valencia as well. In Brazil, mostly with Flamengo and Vasco da Gama. But he's sure to move again, so you can never tell who he's playing for, since he claims he hasn't been paid in ages. Hey, if that's the case, maybe he should join Wuppertaler SV