Bonner SC - WSV 1:2 (0:2)

Schnieber - Schmitz - Omanovic, Brevak (69. Lunga), Gebauer - Gottlieb, Bilawa, Lindinger, Coralic - Glaser, Eckhoff (46. Satz)
Coach: Kodric

Gramse - Mademann - Wüster, Menzel - Kaul, Steup, Broos, Panait , Walbroehl (60. Becker), - Goulet (81. Radatu), N'Diaye
Coach: Höfer

Scoring: 0:1 N'Diaye (44.), 0:2 Steup (45.), 1:2 Glaser (57.)

Referee: Schräer (Emsdetten)
Attendance: 1.500
Yellow cards: Glaser

WSV MOTM: Babacar N'Diaye

Not an impressive performance, but a cold-blooded one to bring home the bacon. WSV utilized the insecurity of the Bonn defense to notch a couple of goals before half-time and secure the victory.

Babacar N'Diaye was almost unstoppable by the Bonn defense, and his man could never really cover him. On the other hand, Brent Goulet, a very popular ex-Bonn player, was pretty much marked out of the game, largely by ex-Wuppertaler Edin Omanovic.

Photo of the Game (60K)