WSV - Eintracht Trier 1:3 (0:0)


Gramse - Mademann - Menzel, Wuester - Becker, Panait, Steup, Walbroehl (70. Meinke), Broos (80. Raduta) - N'Diaye, Goulet
Coach: Hoefer


Ischdonat - Seufert - Richter, Fengler (84. Berens) - Heinzen, Teichmann, Weizenbacher, Muchka, Schroeder - Czakon, Melunovic (46. Thoemmes) Coach:

Scoring: 0:1 Czakon (76.), 0:2 Czakon (78.), 0:3 Thoemmes (81.), 1:3 Goulet (85.)

Attendance: 4.200
Referee: some bozo from Essen (Kortholt)
Yellow cards: Broos, N'Diaye - Ischdonat, Teichmann

WSV MOTM: Brent Goulet

Photo of the Week.... Teams greet the fans before the kickoff at the Zoo! (60K)

A tough defeat for WSV! In the first real test of the season, they came up short, despite dominating the game. The Wuppertalers came out smoking, pressing Trier back into defense, and aggressively bombarding the Trier goal. After only a half hour of play, they had a 10-1 ratio of corner kicks. N'Diaye hit the outer net on a tough volley shot, and Goulet broke thru just before half, but his hard shot rebounded off the post.

The fans gave the ref a "whistle concert" at half, as they felt that Trier was getting away lightly for their many fouls. A particularly disgraceful call was yellow carding N'Diaye after he was clearly fouled just outside the box.

The 2nd half started out pretty much the same, with WSV taking the game and missing chances. Especially Ingo Menzel, who missed a wide open goal after getting a rebound off a good save by Trier's excellent goalie, Ischdonat.

However, when Sascha Waldbroehl went out with an injury after 65 minutes, coach "Ali" Hoefer made what he determined as the critical mistake: "I brought in Meinke, and I should have played Kaul instead." The WSV game began to peter out, and before you knew it, they lost the ball and Marek Czakon cold-bloodedly put the visitors in front. The "Lions" were still in shock, and sure enough, they were down 2-0. The third goal was the final insult, and Brent Goulet's 3rd goal of the season was too little, too late.

In general, WSV's weakness in converting chances has finally caught up with them. This defeat has got to hurt bad, although if the proper steps are taken, perhaps the payoff will be continued aggressive attacking play. The positive is that they dominated a good team for about 70 minutes, and with a little luck, would have put them away.

Trier, on the other hand, has clearly benefited from stealing all of Salmrohr's good players via "fusion", and are a legitimate champion contender.