WSV - FC Homburg 1:1 (0:0)

Gramse - Mademann - Menzel, Wuester - Kaul, Panait (76. Knezovic), Broos, Walbroehl (82. BenKrema), Steup (71. Reichert) - N'Diaye, Goulet
Coach: Hoefer

Eich - Wruck - Eichmann, Dudek (29. Diouf) - Sarpei (60. Caillas), Stanic, Azima (71. Arvalez), Gatti, Tieku - Kacharaber , Diane
Coach: Sude

Scoring: 1:0 Steup (50.), 1:1 Diane (61.)

Attendance: 3.700
Referee: Gettke (Haltern)
Yellow cards: Mademann, Walbröhl -Dudek, Eichmann

WSV MOTM: Brent Goulet, Sven Steup

"Spiderman" spins his web

Overall, you would have to consider this a decent result. Homburg is a tough team, even if they seem to have a "no Germans" policy. WSV played a very strong game, and with a little luck, they would have won. However, the outstanding performance of Homburg's goalkeeper Eich allowed the Saarlaenders to escape with a point.

The first 15 minutes of the game were controlled by the guests. Especially Kacharaber had his way with Menzel, who however eventually raised his play to neutralize the dangerous forward. But after only 3 minutes of play, he almost put Homburg in the lead, as Stanic passed a pinpoint ball to him, and Gramse had to rush off his line to block the shot.

After the quarter hour, WSV took control of the game, and began to bombard the Homburg goal with a variety of shots that Homburg's keeper fended off with excellent saves. After 20 minutes, Goulet pulled off a volley shot after Panait's cross, that Eich knocked over the bar with a reflex action. The resulting corner was headed back by Goulet from the far post, where N'Diaye then missed from 5 meters. After 34 minutes, Walbroehl missed a wideopen goal from only 14 meters. A few minutes later, the ex-Homburger Mademann (must have been kicked out because Homburg was out of "German" spots) took a beautiful free kick that Eich stopped by flying across the goal. WSV should have been up 2-3 goals by halftime. Instead, while WSV was waiting for the half-whistle, Homburg broke through, and Gramse was forced to make an excellent save of his own in order to preserve the tie.

After the half, WSV pressed in the attack again, and after 5 minutes was rewarded: Goulet crossed the ball to N'Diaye, who dropped it off to the incoming Steup, who slammed it home for the 1:0 lead. The Zoo Stadion exploded as the WSV fans cheered their heroes. And WSV didn't rest on these lauerals, as they continued to attack. But again Eich made heroic saves, frustrating Goulet (who was 1-1 against the keeper) and the crowd, which had now begun to call the Homburg goalkeeper "Spiderman".

Not surprisingly, when you don't finish off the opponent, they come back: In the 61st minute, WSV lost the ball in defense, so that Diane only had to tap in the equalizer. The stunned crowd was so silent, that the Homburg players cheers echoed through the stadium.

After a short period, the fans got behind the team again, and with their cheers tried to "will" the victory. WSV launched furious attacks against the Homburg goal, but Eich was up to the task. After 68 minutes, Goulet raced pass Diouf, but his spinning shot was stopped by Eich. In the 81. minute, he finally made his (only) mistake. He tried to pass the ball to a defender, but Goulet rushed in and intercepted it. He then chipped it over the goalie, and with WSV already celebrating the lead, Eich incredibly managed to get back and tip it over the bar. And just a couple of minutes later, Goulet's long shot from a sharp angle was rejected by Eich once again.

Oddly enough, after only 88 minutes, referee Frank Gettke whistled the end, probably because he was afraid that someone in the Wuppertal crowd or bench would suffer a heart attack if Eich pulled off another save.

In the post game news conference, visiting coach Sude obviously praised his keeper, who saved the point. Coach Hoefer gave Homburg credit for a disciplined game, and mentioned that "the luckier team got to take home a point."

In summary, another good performance by WSV against a strong team. However, they still can't put the ball into the net, and this failure again cost points. Nevertheless, Hoefer seems to be able to motivate his team to excellent play, and hopefully this will pay off in continued competition for a top spot.

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