Alemannia Aachen - WSV 1:1 (0:1)

Schmidt - Lasser - Scheinhardt, Klemmer - Winkhold (85. Zimmermann), Bluhm, Vanderbroek, Breitzke - Krohm, Lochen
Coach: Fuchs

Gramse - Mademann - Wuester, Menzel - Walbroehl (57. Palic), Steup, Broos, Kaul, Panait (75. Knezovic) - N'Diaye (75. Raduta), Goulet
Coach: Hoefer

Scoring: 0:1 Kaul (27.), 1:1 Vanderbroeck (51.)

Attendance: 8.200
Referee: Henes (Herdecke)
Yellow cards: Scheinhardt, Breitzke - Panait, Mademann, Kaul, Palic

WSV MOTM: Jochen Gramse


"Fireworks at Aachen's Tivoli

Overall, WSV can thank goalie Jochen Gramse for saving a point against the strong Alemannia team at the Tivoli stadium in Aachen. Although WSV also had good chances, especially on the dangerous counterattacks, for most of the game, the WSV goal was under constant bombardment of the Aachen attack.

The game got underway 10 minutes late, as the walkup crowd at the ticket booth was larger than expected for WSV's 41st visit to Aachen. Once the game was underway, things actually started promising for WSV, as after only 2 minutes Sascha Walbroehl caught Aachen's keeper Schmidt dreaming and launched a 40 meter bomb that barely missed it's mark. However, Aachen then took control of the game. Christian Broos was doing a good job covering ex-WSVer Guenter Breitzke in midfield, but the little Dutchman Erwin Vanderbroeck was almost unstoppable. After 14 minutes, the first huge chance for Aachen, as striker Marco Lochen beat Wuester, but his header rebounded off the post.

At this time however, the WSV defense was still strong, and Markus Kaul was distributing the ball nicely in midfield. So in the 27th minute, Brent Goulet beat his defender down the right side and laid in a perfect cross that Kaul rammed home for the WSV lead. Rather than deflate the Alemannen, this just made them angrier. They launched furious attacks against the WSV goal, and Gramse was forced to make several excellent saves. Mario Krohm, the other Aachen striker had his way with Menzel, and the game turned into a duel between Krohm and Gramse. The only time Gramse didn't win was when Krohm smacked the ball off the crossbar - from only 5 meters.

So WSV went into the half, with a somewhat fortunate 1-0 lead. The 2nd half was a repeat of the first, with Alemannia attacking ferociously. Breitzke was beginning to win his duel with Broos, and WSV was totally on the defensive. In the 51st minute, Vandenbroeck's freekick curved around the WSV wall and into the lower right hand for the 1-1 tie. It seemed like it was now the beginning of the end, and the Aachen fans were cheering their team on.

However, coach Hoefer recognized that there needed to be some changes, and soon brought fresh legs into the game. WSV made sure they were not completely boxed in, and the counterattacks got more and more dangerous. Broos' corner kick was cleared out only centimeters from the goal. The pace of Alemannia was beginning to take it's toll, and a few minutes later, Brent Goulet broke through again, but his rocket shot slammed off the crossbar. However, just to show he wasn't just waiting for the post-game brewski, Jochen Gramse had another great save off a volley from, you guessed it, Mario Krohm. In the end, a sigh of relief went up, from both sides.

WSV has to be happy about taking a point against a strong Alemannia team. This game was almost a reverse of last week's battle with Homburg.

Standings after Round 7