WSV - SpFr Siegen 2:3 (1:2)

Gramse - Mademann - Menzel, Wuester - Kaul, Knezovic (50. Palic), Broos (50. Raduta), Walbroehl, Steup - N'Diaye, Goulet
Coach: Hoefer


Scoring: 0:1 Ziga (13.), 1:1 Goulet (35.), 1:2 Scherzer (49.), 2:2 N'Diaye (52. - pen), 2:3 Scholtysik (59.)

Attendance: 3.300
Referee: Milic (Carlsberg)
Yellow cards: Mademann, Kaul, Walbröhl, Broos - Scherzer, Hein
Yellow/Red: Mademann (85.)

WSV MOTM: Nobody

Crappy performance sinks WSV

By all accounts, this was one of WSV's worst performances. It was described as a "slap in the face" to the fans.

After letting Siegen totally dominate the opening period, WSV finally got back into the game after about a half hour. Babacar N'Diaye broke free down the wing, and his perfectly timed cross was met by Brent Goulet, who knocked home the equalizer. But that apparently also signalled it was time to go back to sleep. Goalie Jochen Gramse, the outstanding player last week in Aachen, looked insecure and nervous in goal, and most of the others showed little iniative or fighting spirit.

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