SC Paderborn - WSV 5:1 (2:1)

Joswig - Dotchev (72. Buitys) - Bräuer, Narusevicius (61. Mrugalla) - Holick, Kutowski (45. Karpovicz), Velkov, Maaß, John - Gerov, Enge
Coach: Rybarczyck

Gramse - Mademann - Palic, Menzel - Glavas, Steup (57. Pirvu), Broos (82. Wüster), Panait (57. Walbröhl) - N'Diaye, Goulet
Coach: Hoefer

Scoring: 1:0 Maass (25.), 1:1 N'Diaye (38.), 2:1 Gerov (45.-pen), 3:1 Enge (50.), 4:1 Gerov (66.), 5:1 Gerov (88.)

Attendance: 1.800
Referee: Schäfer (Frankenthal)
Yellow cards: Narusevicius, Kapovicz, Gerov - Kaul, Walbröhl
Yellow-Red: Menzel (23.)

WSV MOTM: Babacar N'Diaye


Team sucks the big one!

WSV played their worst game of the season, and got their ass royally whipped. Almost every level of the team stunk.

The only potential bright spot was that Vlatko Glavas, who had been held out of the lineup for weeks due to red tape, finally got to play. Not that it mattered, but he might yet be a benefit to the squad.

Especially WSV's defense was in total disarray. This was undoubtedly contributed by Ingo Menzel's yellow-red card in only the 21st minute for repeated (and unnnecessary) nasty fouls. However, Frank Wüster's replacement, Damir Palic had a rough game, running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

Despite the problems, it looked like WSV might escape with a 1-1 draw at half. Although Paderborn had taken the lead, Babacar N'Diaye tied the game shortly thereafter. However a silly foul by Palic just before halftime gave Paderborn a penalty and the lead.

In the 2nd half, it was all Paderborn, as WSV let themselves get squashed like a worm. New signing Antonel Pirvu was thrown to the dogs, as was "in the doghouse" Sascha Walbröhl. N'Diaye missed a gift penalty, but it hardly mattered. He was pulled down by Velkov in the 76th minute, but Joswig stopped his shot.

Paderborn's coach Rybarcyzk was quoted after the game as saying that he was shocked on how weak WSV played, as he fully expected a tough game, given WSV's away strength. Oh well, guess no one has to worry about that any more.

Standings after Round 9