WSV - LR Ahlen 1:1 (0:0)

Gramse - Mademann - Menzel, Palic - Glavas (83. Raduta), Steup, Pirvu (46. Broos), Panait, Walbröhl (46. Kaul) - N'Diaye, Goulet
Coach: Hoefer

Kieren - Peters - Schwanke, Hecker - Zimmermann, Karp, Stöhr, Schlösser, Gredig - Turgut, Bamba (87. Deffke)
Coach: Berge

Scoring: 0:1 Bamba (81.), 1:1 Raduta (83.)

Attendance: 1.700
Referee: Haupt (Mainz)
Yellow card: Panait, Pirvu, Broos - Turgut, Schwanke
Yellow-Red: Schwanke (89.) Red card: Raduta (84., blatant foul)

Another Crappy performance by WSV

If, prior to the season, you heard that WSV drew 1-1 with Ahlen, you would probably be satisfied. Afterall, Ahlen was just about everybody's pick to win it all, given the "follow the money" theory. Of course, we now know that the only ship sinking faster than Ahlen is perhaps RW Essen. However, we may soon have to add WSV to that category as well.

Both teams played a rather lame game, so I suppose you could say that the draw was deserved. Of course, it would probably be better if both teams got "0" for this one.

The first half was basically a demonstration of disinterest by both teams. Just before halftime, there was a flurry of excitement. Ahlen's dangerous forward Baba hit the underside of the crossbar in the 44th minute from 16 meters, and in the counterattack, WSV's Goulet broke through and got in a fine cross, but N'Diaye only hit the post.

In the 2nd half, Hoefer made some changes, as he yanked the totally ineffectual Sascha Walbroehl and newcomer Ionel Pirvu. It almost paid off, as a few minutes after the start Kaul had a huge chance, but missed. Quel surprise. Despite better offensive play by WSV, the defense was totally in disorder. In the 78th minute, Ahlen had a huge chance with a wide open header on goal, but they also suffer from the WSV disease, so it was headed striaght into Gramse's arms. But only 3 minutes later, the defense couldn't clear the ball out, and out of the scramble Bamba knocked home. The small but loud crowd of 1700, cheered on by the WSV-Szene-Westerwald had the wind knocked out. Folks started to leave, but luckily only a couple minutes later, Gabi Raduta, who had come in some 10 minutes earlier, spun around and lifted a nice 25 shot over Ahlen's goalkeeper Kieren. To make things more interesting, he obviously felt he had earned his money, so why bother to finish out the game? So upon the kick-off, he prompt kicked Ahlen's Turgut and got red-carded.

This action then struck a chord among Ahlen too. As you know, they've been accused of loafing by their management despite lots of money, and Schwanke decided that the meter had expired, so he promptly hacked down N'Diaye to get his ass kicked out too.

Overall, a rather disgraceful preformance by both teams, headed in the same direction: down.

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