SpVgg Erkenschwick - WSV 1:1 (0:0)

Luchtenveld - Langbein - Renkhoff, Matena - Hinz, Riechmann, Strate (46. Ersoy) - Ugur, Bangoura (66. Tchapda) - Kornmaier, Hubner
Coach: Tartemann

Gramse - Backhaus -Mademann, Menzel - Glavas, Steup, Kaul, Panait (81. Wüster), Pirvu (57. Walbröhl) - N'Diaye, Goulet (73. Puscas)
Coach: Hoefer

Scoring: 0:1 Steup (49.), 1:1 Ugur (49.)

Attendance: 800
Referee: Müller (Nalbach-Bilsorf)
Yellow cards: Panait, Glavas, N'Diaye

WSV MOTM: Markus Kaul


Another drab result in Erkenschwick

WSV stunk again, and who nows when the current "form" will end. Luckily (?), less than 1,000 fans witnessed the latest game, so maybe too many folks weren't scared off by what they saw.

The game started off well enough, as WSV pressured Erkenschwick and played as if they wanted to win this game outright. Despite the rainsoaked field, WSV was able to control the game. However, this illusion lasted for only about 15 minutes, and the game degenrated into the usual hack and boot game that so characterizes Erkenschwick's play, and WSV certainly sank to their level. Therefore, the first 45 minutes ended without hardly any chances, and as one pundit put it "only the halftime whistle reminded the fans that they were at a soccer match."

The fans themselves seemed relatively bored. Erkenschwick is hardly much of a draw, and their own fans could only muster up the lame cheer "Er-Er-Erkenschwick" three times the whole match. You would think that with such a funny name there would be all sorts of possibilities, but I guess it sounds funnier in English...

The 2nd half really started out with a bang. Sven Steup took the ball about 30 meters from the goal, pushed it forward and then rocketed a 25 meter shot into the net. Unfortunately, WSV wasn't even through celebrating when Erkenschwick was awarded a free kick at the midfield circle. The kick sailed over to Hubner, who looked to be offsides. Nevertheless, he crossed the ball to Hassan Ugurt, and with the WSV defense thinking about the post game brewski, Ugurt tied the score.

From this point on, Erkenschwick laid siege to the WSV defense, and only a sharp Jochen Gramse and the host's incompetance prevented an embarassing WSV loss. They had enough chances to win 2 or 3 games.

From the WSV perspective, Gramse towered above all the others. Backhaus was not ready for prime time, and Glavas was basically useless in midfield. (Note: "kicker" liked Backhaus, but most other accounts were less impressed.) Newcomer Pirvu had some nice plays, but is not in game form, and had to be taken out after about an hour. Also seeing his first action was Christian Puscas, who was a late sub for Brent Goulet. Didn't show anything though.

Overall, another crap performance by WSV. Things are not looking good for the remainder of the season.

Standings after Round 11