Rot-Weiss Oberhausen - WSV 3:1 (2:1)

Adler - Ciuca - Quallo, Arens - Biber, Lipinski, da Silva (49. Giaslanis), D.Weiland, N.Weiland - Weber, Agoje (70. Milde)
Coach: vom Bruch

Gramse - Backhaus - Mademann (70. Goulet), Wüster - Glavas (63. Ben Krema), Panait, Steup, Bucur, Pirvu - Kaul (48. Walbröhl), N'Diaye
Coach: Hoefer

Scoring: 1:0 Weber (23.), 2:0 Agoye (29.), 2:1 Pirvu (38.), 3:1 Weber (90.)

Attendance: 1.600
Referee: Dr. Merk (Kaiserslautern)
Yellow cards: Gramse, Panait, Mademann, Glavas

WSV MOTM: Aurel Panait


Decent performance, but WSV goes down

Oberhausen showed WSV's limits all too clearly. In what was not one of their better performances, RWO won the match against WSV handily, although WSV did have it's moments. Ironically, it was an ex-WSV star, Achim Weber, who did us in.

Oberhausen came out strong from the start, pressuring WSV and generally controlling the game. Although the first big chance came after 10 minutes, they finally broke through to take the lead after 20 minutes, as Weber headed the ball of the post, but was quicker than the defense and knocked home the rebound. A few minutes later agoye, who caused trouble for most of the afternoon for the WSV defense, upped the score to 2-0, and it looked like it was all she wrote.

However, unlike some other games, WSV did not fold, and when Panait broke down the wing and crossed the ball, Pirvu shot from 16 meters, and the ball may have been slightly redirected by RWO defender Arens. In any case, WSV was down only by a goal, and had seized the initiative.

WSV continued to press in the 2nd half, as the midfield looked fairly sharp, especially Panait and Pirvu, along with the newcomer Bucur, who showed some promising play. However, the attack was agin weak. N'Diaye was constantly dangerous, as he outplayed his defender Arens, but the rest of the RWO defense was solid, and WSV was in trouble. Goulet, who had been benched for weak performances, came in for Mademann with about 20 minutes left, as WSV began to get desperate. RWO was lucky, when Pirvu's header was cleared off the line by Bieber. Other chances came to nothing.

Not surprisingly, RWO eventually used the situation to their advantage, and it was Achim Weber, perhaps the outstanding Oberhausener, who drove the stake through Wuppertal's heart - he took the part, faked Gramse out of his pants, and tapped the ball in for the decider.

Overall, you would have to say that WSV deserved to lose this one, but that the performance was not without some bright signs. Oberhausen is clearly a contender, and were able to bring home the bacon even when they weren't playing their best. It pains me to say this, because I hate Oberhausen, but they clearly showed WSV's limits, and how far we are from being any sort of contender.

Standings after Round 13