FC Remscheid - WSV 3:2 (2:0)

Stocki - Denysyuk - Küsters, Putz, - Krämer, Röder, Jakubauskas, Callea, Smialek - Vossen, Podszus
Coach: Pirsig

Gramse - Mademann - Menzel, Wüster - Glavas, Walbröhl (54. Raduta), Steup, Kaul (54. Broos), Bucur (82. Knezovic)- Goulet, N'Diaye
Coach: Hoefer

Scoring: 1:0 Callea (21.), 2:0 Vossen (23.), 2:1 Mademann (61.), 3:1 Roeder (66.), 3:2 Glavas (80.)

Attendance: 2.800
Referee: Plettenberg (Essen)
Yellow cards: Vossen - Menzel, Mademann, Bucur

WSV MOTM: Vlatko Glavas


Good derby, but WSV deserved loser

A disappointingly small crowd saw an exciting derby match between FC Remscheid and WSV. The play was short on technique, but full of fight, despite being played cleanly by and large. Remscheid deserved to win the game, based on greater scoring opportunities against the once-again insecure WSV defense.

The game started out, however, in WSV's favor. Brent Goulet had a huge chance after only 5 minutes, and then again, 5 minutes later, his hard shot rebounded off the post. However, the WSV midfield, missing Panait and Pirvu, was unable to control the game like they had been recently. The combo of Glavas and Kaul on the left side was not as effective as the two Romanians have been, and Remscheid was able to battle back. They especially began to threaten over the wings, as they began to win most of the 1-on-1 situations. After a couple of missed opportunities, it was third time lucky. Pietro Callea took a nice pass from Röder, and knocked home the ball for the lead. Only a couple of minutes later, it was Heinz Vossen putting the leather home, and the hosts were up 2-0. By this time, even the WSV midfield was in disarray, and Remscheid launched assault after assault on the WSV goal. A sharp Gramse and some luck contributed to WSV not being blown off the field by half time.

In the 2nd half, WSV coach Hoefer decided that Bucur's main problem in midfield was that he couldn't understand anybody. So he brought on another Romanian, Gabi Raduta, and WSV began to creep back into the game. Brent Goulet put in a high cross, Babacar N'Diaye, who had been strangely quiet (perhaps already dreaming of playing in the Niedersachsen stadium in Hannover), headed the ball over to the on rushing Richard Mademann, who finished it off. WSV was now alive, but managed to ruin things again through sloppy defense. Only five minutes later, the outstanding Oliver Röder was unmarked only 5 meters from the net, and Remscheid was again up by two. WSV didn't give up, and continued to push forward. Remscheid was no longer in control of the match, and the WSV pressure was beginning to have some results. Christian Broos, back after injury, strengthened the WSV midfield. His cross was headed home by Vlatko Glavas pulling a goal back in the 80th minute, but Remscheid held on to weather the storm.

Overall, Remscheid deserved to win, simply because they wanted the game more. This was especially true in the first half, when they could have put the game away. For WSV, a disappointing result, but they can't really complain.

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