WSV - Germannia Teveren 1:2 (1:2)

Gramse - Mademann - Menzel, Kaul - Panait, Steup (70. Meinke), Glavas (55. Broos), Bucur, Raduta (63. Ben Krema)- Goulet, N'Diaye
Coach: Gores

Wacht - Badji - Huschbeck, Siena - Heilmann, Dondera, Van der Zander, Janssen, Papic (73. Schnitzler) - Jelic, Beyel (85. Schmidt)
Coach: Hansen

Scoring: 0:1 Papic (15.), 0:2 Beyel (37.), 1:2 Mademann (38.)

Attendance: 1.000
Yellow cards:

WSV MOTM: Anyone who didn't play


Worst WSV performance in years?

New coach Rudi Gores' tenure at WSV started off with a bang in the wrong direction. In what many consider the most disgraceful performance by Wuppertal this season, and perhaps in years, WSV dropped a home decision to Germannia Teveren. The smallest "crowd" of the year, estimated at less than 1,000, watched Teveren outplay WSV and deservedly take home all 3 points.

Things looked like there might be an attempt by WSV to set the tone. Gores decided to keep the basic lineup intact, although he did opt for a more offensive strategy by dropping defender Frank Wuester and giving Gabi Raduta his first start. A promising start, as after 8 minutes, Aurel Panait had a good chance with a header. But if you thought that WSV would overrun Teveren's lax defense, you were wrong. In fact, the guests launched their own attacks. Siena had a wonderful solo run after 11 minutes, and his hard shot rocketed off the post. This should have been the warning for WSV, but they didn't take note. Only four minutes later, Mademann's lax header back to Gramse was intercepted by Papic, who had no problem dribbling around the goalkeeper and putting the ball into the empty net. Teveren cheered wildly as the Zoo fans sat in stunned disbelief.

WSV tried to react, but it was mostly futile. Appeals for a penalty were denied when a player was chopped down. Nothing else came out of teh WSV attack. Teveren was not finished. Ex-WSV player Joerg Beyel then stuck the knife in the heart. Dondera and von der Zander played combo without being bothered by the WSV defense, and Beyel beat Menzel to the cross putting home the 2:0.

However, just when it seemed it would be curtains, Teveren showed why they suck and are in last place. Vlatko Glavas was hacked down uncerimoniously by Jelic, probably in the spirit of Bosnian-Serbian friendship. Richard Mademann scored on the ensuing penalty. (photo,15K) . However, if you thought this would be the start of the WSV comeback, hah-ha-ha.

The 2nd half was hardly worth watching. WSV had only one real opportunity, as after a nice combination, Babacar N'Diaye blew a chance from only 5 meters. Teveren had the chance to finish off the game in the 87th minute, but Jelic's penalty was stopped by Gramse. Then WSV almost received an undeserved miracle in injury time, but Gerrit Meinke's header rebounded off the cross bar. By that time, most of the WSV fans had left, to drown their sorrows in beer.

After the game, coach Gores was quoted as saying "now we are fighting against relegation." Based on this performance, that seems to be a reasonable statement. He certainly has his work cut out.

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