WSV - SC Verl 1:0 (1:0)

Gramse - Bucur - Mademann, Menzel - Kaul, Panait (68. Broos), Raduta (68. Meinke), Steup, Walbröhl - Goulet (85. Wüster), N'Diaye
Coach: Gores

Greil - Schmidt - Dashi, Ostermann - Arndt, Plasshenrich, Baziuk (70. Tarnowski), Jaekel, Nenne (70. Eke) - Bettenstaedt, Owusu (46. Raschke)
Coach: Roggensack

Scoring: 1:0 N'Diaye (10.)

Attendance: 663
Referee: Schütz (Norken)
Yellow cards: Panait, Raduta, Mademann - Schmidt, Plaßhenrich

WSV MOTM:Sascha Walbröhl


Important win for WSV

In a critical match, WSV started off the 2nd half of the season with a tight 1-0 victory over troubled Verl. A loss would have been devastating for Wuppertal and new coach Rudi Gores. In any case, the fans are voting with their feet, as only a negative record 663 showed up.

Gores had to make a couple of changes. First, Sascha Walbroehl was back in the starting lineup, subbing for the injured Vlatko Glavas. Bogdan Bucur was moved from midfield to play the sweeper role. Despite the nervousness, WSV came out of the blocks breathing fire. Brent Goulet, who has been struggling, missed a wide open shot in the 6th minute. Verl's Greif stopped him from only 8 meters. Babacar N'Diaye got the win with a splendid solo, in which he raced pass several defenders on the left side. He then slotted the ball past the onrushing goalkeeper for the only score of the match. (Photo, 4K). N'Diaye was unstoppable by his defender, Albanian international Adrian Dashi, who had just transferred from Eintracht Frankfurt.

Walbroehl especially was having a good game, controlling the right side with his speed, as WSV swarmed over the Verl defense. Raduta (15.), Goulet (17./35.) and Walbroehl with a cannon shot (22.) had big chances to put the game away.

In the 2nd half, WSV began to lose it's way, and Verl began to creep back into the match. The huge chance for the equalizer came in the 79th minute, as Raschke received a cross only 5 meters from the goal by Tarnowski. According to the Verl newspaper "Die Glocke", he managed to miss the goal by 25 meters.

Verl coach Gerd Roggensack said his team's performance was "frighteningly weak", a sentiment echoed by the Verl media. WSV got an important win, which should have fallen much higher. But given the way things have been going, I guess we should be happy that we at least were able to bring home the bacon.

Standings after Round 18