Preußen Münster - WSV 3:2 (1:2)

Huliger - Kuhn - Bertelsbeck, Gruszka (46. Hartwig) - Böcker, Serr (82. Becker), Kemming (77. Ridder), Jedlicka, Geise - Gockel, Antwerpen
Coach: Vollmann

Gramse - Backhaus - Mademann, Menzel - Walbröhl (68. Broos), Steup, Bucur (21. Glavas), Kaul, Goulet - Raduta (58. Meinke), N'Diaye
Coach: Gores

Scoring: 1:0 Kemming (12.), 1:1 N'Diaye (19.), 1:2 Mademann (38.), 2:2 Jedlicka (47.), 3:2 Antwerpen (64.)

Attendance: 1.000
Referee: Neis (Theley)
Yellow cards: Kemming, Antwerpen - Kaul, Glavas

WSV MOTM: Babacar N'Diaye


Good effort falls just short

Despite a "fighting" effort in Muenster, WSV ends up the loser. In a howling wind and driving rain, 800 hardy souls turned up in the Preussenstadion and actually had a positive impact on the game - for die Adler (eagles, i.e. Muenster). Their non-stop cheering certainly helped Muenster on the comeback against an active WSV club.

Coach Gores was forced to make a couple of changes from last week's victory against Verl. Aurel Panait is now gone, so Bogdan Bucur moved from his successful role as sweeper last week back to midfield. On the other hand, Sven Backhaus was back from his suspension and back to the sweeper role. Brent Goulet was pulled back from forward, and Gabi Raduta was paired up front with N'Diaye. Unfortunately for WSV, Bucur had to leave early due to cramps, and Glavas replaced him. It took a while for Vlatko to reach his stride.

Muenster got on the board first as Timo Kemming received a free kick from Jedlicka, and Preussen was up 1-0 after 12 minutes. However rather than fold, WSV stormed back. Babacar N'Diaye had a field day with his defender Marco Gruszka, who celebrated his birthday by chasing N'Diaye's heels. (Maybe he was anticipating a pretty girl popping out of his birthday cake. In any case, he was subbed out by ex-WSver Knut Hartwig at the half). In the 19th minute, WSV evened the score. Muenster's goalkeeper Hulliger was at least partly responsible, as his indecision made things easy. First he raced off his line, then he froze, and when he decided to move again, N'Diaye already had faked him out of his jockstrap.

WSV continued to press forward, as Muenster was thrown back into defense. Serr saved off the line from Goulet.

In the 38th minute, N'Diaye was fouled in the penalty by Geise, and Richard Mademann securely netted the shot, putting WSV in the lead.

The 2nd half really started off with a bang, catching WSV off guard. Jedlicka's free kick from 20 meters blasted into the WSV net. Depending on your perspective, Gramse either got a fist on it but couldn't stop it, or knocked it into his own net due to incompetance. WSV was now on the defensive, as ex-WSVer Knut Hartwig, defender Kemming and midfielder Jedlicka began to bring Muenster forward, pulled by the chants of Steht auf wenn ihr Preußen seid ("Stand up if your Prussians") from the stands. Even though the Preussen fans were probably too blasted to standup, WSV began to revert to it's old mistakes. Sven Backhaus lazy backward pass was stolen by Antwerpen, who had no trouble slipping home the ball for the Preussen lead. After an excellent 1st half, WSV was now totally out of synch and down to boot.

However, perhaps stung by the realization that this game was now in jeopardy, WSV pulled itself together and launched itself back into the game. Once again, Muenster was pressed into the defensive, although they remained dangerous on counterattacks. Brent Goulet, who had been playing more in midfield, moved forward into a solely offensive role. He had bad luck when in the 74th minute, he broke through on the left side, but his shot rebounded off the post. In the 85th minute, Hulliger pulled off a great save to deny N'Diaye.

Overall, you would have to say the WSV were unlucky to lose this game. Coach Gores indicated that this was the best game he had seen so far (out of 3). He reserved his anger for goalkeeper Jochen Gramse, whom he at least partially blamed for the loss.

Standings after Round 19