WSV - Rot-Weiss Essen 2:0 (0:0)


Coach: Gores

Coach: Lippens

Scoring: 1:0 Siegloff (75.), 2:0 Mademann (80.)

Attendance: 3.047
Yellow cards:



WSV wins replay, secures position

In the replay of WSV's earlier 1:0 victory over Essen, (see report here ) Wuppertal this time came out ahead 2:0. This defeat probably condemns Essen to the 4th division Abstieg. Although WSV must be happy with the result, the performance was marked by extreme nervousness and poor play, and the game was basically controlled by the visitors for most of the evening.

Essen came out fighting, perhaps spurred on by the last second loss against Aachen from Saturday. They also had decent support, as some 350 Esseners made the trip down to Wuppertal. The first big chance came after only 6 minutes, the ball rolling closely before heading out of buonds. WSV was pressed into the defensive, and hardly had any chances. There were a couple, but on one, forward Gerrit Meinke ended up breaking his nose, so he will probably be out for the rest of the season! Christian Siegloff had to replace him, as WSV's injury parade continues. Nevertheless, WSV was now somewhat stabilized, and although RWE still had "an optical advantage", the game was filled with poor passing and lack of threats on both sides.

The 2nd half saw more of the same, although WSV was more successful in creating chances on swift counterattacks. The defense looked solid, and it looked unlikely that either team would score. But then, in the 75th minute, WSV broke throw. Siegloff raced down the right side, and it appeared that the RWE defender had stopped him. However, he was lackadaisical, and was willing to watch the ball roll out for the corner. Siegloff continued racing after it, and fired a hard shot from a difficult angle: 1-0!

Essen was now shocked, realizing that the Rot-Weiss/Schwarz-Weiss Essen derby was now looming large. They threw everything forward, and were dutifully punished. Again Siegloff was the instigator, as he broke through and laid off a perfect pass to Richard Mademann, who had no trouble in putting the ball home. Essen raged against the impending defeat, and 5 minutes later, only a brilliant save from Ogrinc, clearing off the line, prevented them from getting back in the game. When the final whistle blew, WSV cheered the somewhat lucky victory, while RWE hung their heads in defeat.

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