WSV - Alemannia Aachen 1:1 (1:1)

Ogrinc - Backhaus - Heinzmann, Menzel - Steup, Glavas, Siegloff, Kaul, Lehnhart - Meinke, Raduta (67.Broos)
Coach: Gores

Lenz - Klemmer, Zimmermann (74. Vanderbroeck), Lasser - Bluhm, Hoffmann (89. Küff), Lämmermann, Heeren, Ibrahim - Breitzke (88. Schaepkens), Scheinhardt
Coach: Fuchs

Scoring: 0:1 Lämmermann (1.), 1:1 Glavas (17., penalty)

Attendance: 1.200
Yellow cards: Glavas, Heinzmann, Steup, Meinke, Menzel - Breitzke, Bluhm, Klemmer

WSV MOTM: Sascha Lehnhart


Quick goal throws game plan out the window

WSV met Alemannia on April Fool's Day, to make up for the postponed match. And as far as WSV was concerned, it was another crap result. Forgetting that the game starts when the ref blows for kickoff, WSV let Aachen take the lead after about 20 seconds of "play". Needless to say, this put a damper on things for the small crowd. Some 150 fans had made the trip from Aachen, and they were obviously having a better time than the Wuppertal faithful. Their big thig was shooting off a few rockets and then vandalizing a gas station on the way home. WSV should have invited the Ahlen Gestapo to pummel a few...

WSV then pulled it self together and began to press against the visitors goal. Aachen's defense held out, clearing out the highballs, and saving off the line. In the 17th minute, Gabi Raduta was brought down, and Vlatko Glavas put the ensuing penalty kick away low in the left corner to tie the game. WSV continued to press, and even came up with a couple of decent chances. Sascha Lehnhart continued his good form, working hard in midfield.

The 2nd half saw a reduction in action. WSV began to miss passes, and although Aachen hardly controlled the game, the came to a couple of chances as well. But by and large, it came to nothing, as Ogrinc was sharp again. Basically the game petered out to a worthless kickabout.

In a post game interview, Aachen's coach Werner Fuchs stated that he felt the result was fair, reflecting the flow of play. WSV Rudi Gores tended to agree, stating that they had been thrown a curve by the early goal. He denied that Aachen's greater play in 2nd half was due to a change in tactics, but rather the fact that Aachen put on the pressure.

Standings after Round 28