SpFr Siegen - WSV 2:0 (2:0)

Coach: Peter

Ogrinc - Backhaus - Wüster, Menzel - Steup (53. Raduta), Glavas, Lehnhart, Kaul (67. Ben Krema), Broos - Meinke, Siegloff
Coach: Gores

Scoring: 1:0 Cirba (3.), 2:0 Tonello (38.)

Attendance: 4.000
Yellow cards:

WSV MOTM: Sascha Lehnhart (?)


Early goal puts lights out

The trip down to Siegen turned out to be a short one. WSV was still running arond like a chicken with it's head cut off, and Siegen scored the first goal after a little over two minutes. The WSV defense was asleep, and Cirba had no trouble knocking in from about 10 yards. Game, set and match, since WSV never seems to come back from a deficit. WSV was in total confusion, and totally pressed in by Siegen. Coach Gores made an adjustment, switching Markus Kaul and Christian Broos, that eventually had some stabilizing effect. Broos took over the central midfield role, and Kaul went to the left. Ironically, just when WSV was beginning to get their act back together, Siegen struck again. Saric crossed and Tonello slid into the ball, knocking it into the net (38.).

After being totally outplayed in the first half, WSV at least made a strong effort in the final 45 minutes. However, only a few decent chances were created, the biggest being Gerrit Meinke not being able to kick the ball into an open net in the 64th minute. Siegen seemed content to hold on to the lead. Sascha Lehnhart had one of his better games, and the WSV attack seemed a bit more firm when Raduta and Ben Krema came into the match.

Probably the most impressive performance from Wuppertal came from the fans, as approximately 150 made the trip, accompanied by an additional 40 family members or so. Despite being outnumbered, they made a lot of noise, leading Christian Broos to comment that the fans were "fantastic". Meanwhile, the timid Siegen fans could only come up with the lame cheer "Zick, Zack, Zigeunerpack", which is something that 12 year olds would find clever.

Overall, WSV can't complain about the loss. It was basically a boring game, with few chances on either side, but at least Siegen made enough of an effort in the 1st half to merit the victory.

Standings after Round 25