LR Ahlen - WSV 4:3 (1:1)

Eisenmenger - Daschner (77. Castilla), Peters, Sthöhr (80. Turgut) - Gredig, Karp, Verguetchik, Schlösser, Bonan - Bamba (90. Taverna), Hubner
Coach: Berge

Ogrinc - Backhaus - Wüster, Menzel - Steup, Siegloff (77. Walbröhl), Lehnhart (Goulet 90.), Kaul, Broos - Meinke, Raduta (80. Heinzmann)
Coach: Gores

Scoring: 0:1 Raduta (5.), 1:1 Karp (45., penalty), 1:2 Meinke (65.), 2:2 Bamba (73.), 2:3 ?, 3:3 Bonan (86.), 4:3 Hubner (90.)

Attendance: 1.225
Referee: Weber (Aachen)
Yellow cards: Siegloff, Broos
Red: Castilla (83.)

WSV MOTM: Gerrit Meinke


Two last minute goals lead to disgraceful loss - AGAIN!

I know what you're thinking: Wait a minute! The WSV Pacific Edition is probably just a lazy ass, and just copied last week's report. But it's true, and this week was even more disgraceful than against Paderborn: Ahlen was a man short, and yet scored twice in about 9 minutes!

WSV came out with a very defensive orientation to meet a completely retooled Ahlen squad. The "Milionarios" had been one of the hot favorites for the title role, as they spent freely to assemble a high priced team. But instead of victories, their "pros" turned out to be lazy ass NBA Warriors types, hauling in huge salaries while insulting their fans with crappy performances. So Ahlen cleaned house, and a very different team faced up with WSV...

Despite the defensive start, WSV drew first blood. Gabi Raduta, in another decent performance, scored in the 5th minute on a clever freekick. WSV was then pushed back into the defensive, as Ahlen took control of the game. Siegloff was totally out of his league trying to cover Heiko Bonan, the ex-Bundesliga player. This forced Raduta back into a more defensive role. Nevertheless, with keeper Ogrinc in good form, WSV was able to fend off the Ahlen attack until the last minute of the half, when Karp scored on a penalty.

In the 2nd half, WSV began to assert itself and force Ahlen back on it's heels. Markus Kaul, who had started off invisible, began to get into the game. Siegloff began to play with more confidence, and Sven Steup started the buildup for the attacks, winning some duels against Verguetchik. Sascha Lehnhart was having his best game yet for WSV. This led to Gerrit Meinke scoring twice, putting WSV in the lead on two more occasions.

In the last 10 minutes, things got out of hand. First, Castilla was red carded, so Ahlen was down a goal and only 10 men. They attacked the WSV goal, and unbelievably, the veterans Menzel and Backhaus commited errors, allowing Ahlen to score twice and win the game.

In the post game conference, coach Gores was so shocked that he could only mumble. Ahlen's coach Klaus Berge said he couldn't believe that they had won, although he showed his limitations by claiming a "deserved victory". Whatever. Talk to to the hand...

Meanwhile, to add insult to injury, the Ahlen Gestapo mercilessly pummeled the peace loving Wuppertal fans, who were merely bringing some color to the drab provincial village. Maybe they shouldn't have tossed the Molotov cocktail at the mayor's mistress' house. When WSV club president Friedhelm Runge tried to intervene and calm down the wild blackjack wheeling security folks, he was threatened with a vacation in the Ahlen Motel-6, which is a branch of the Hanoi Hilton chain.

WSV morale must be so low, they need to look up to see the bottom of their shoes. With a tough match in the postponed game against Aachen, and the possibility that the Essen game will need to be repeated, things could still get hot at the bottom...

Standings after Round 27