FSV Salmrohr - WSV 3:1 (0:0)

Henning - Heinsdorf - Ulbrich, Dockter - Koster, Behr (56. N.Wagner), Souza, Steffes (46. Görgen), Hörster - Kuhnen (75. Schiel), F.Wagner
Coach: Kartz

Ogrinc - Heinzmann - Wüster (55. Dione), Menzel - Glavas, Steup, Backhaus, Kaul, (46. Walbröhl), Lehnhart, Siegloff (55. Tönnies), Meinke
Coach: Gores

Scoring: 1:0F.Wagner (49.), 2:0 Koster (52.) , 3:0 Kuhnen (56.), 3:1 Tönnies (72.)

Attendance: 350
Referee: Gerber (Oberthal)
Yellow cards: N.Wagner - Dione, Heinzmann, Steup, Siegloff
Red: Backhaus (21.)

WSV MOTM: Dirk Tönnies


Injury plagued WSV heads for Verbandsliga?

A shocking defeat at the hands of Salmrohr has thrown WSV into the fight against relegation.

After only 5 minutes, WSV had a huge chance, as Frank Wüster missed from only 5 meters. Then came a critical point, as veteran Sven Backhaus committed an unexplicable foul: even though it's not NFL season, he tackled his opponent Souza, and got his ass booted out after only 21 minutes. Nevertheless, it really didn't look like WSV could lose the game, as the Salmtalers were pretty much harmless.

In the second half came the cold shower; Frank Wagner was left uncovered, and easily headed the ball home to give the hosts the lead. Then 3 minutes later, Frank Wüster committed his second mistake. A harmless shot headed his way, but instead of blocking it, he opened his legs, intending for Ogrinc to pick up the ball. Problem was, Ogrinc didn't know, so the ball rolled into the net. When Salmrohr scored again after 56 minutes, the game was over. Despite WSV pressure, which netted a goal on a nice header by Dirk Tönnies on a Glavas cross, WSV couldn't really turn things around.

Coach Gores called it a bitter defeat, and although he had harsh words for Backhaus, he lamented the injuries that forced him to bring in 6 players from the WSV-II squad. Raduta and Goulet are out with injuries, adding to the list. And now Backhaus will get banned by the DFB, maybe for the rest of the season. Salmrohr's coach Kartz was thrilled with his teams performance, as he stated that WSV would be a tough game. He gave his players two days off. The Salmrohrers, written off by just about everybody after the Trier "fusion", may actually have a better chance than WSV of staying up.

Standings after Round 29