1.FC Saarbrücken - WSV 7:1 (3:0)


Coach: Gores

Scoring: 1:0 Choji (12.), 2:0 Choji (20.), 3:0 Zibert (22), 4:0 Zibert (51.), 5:0 Donato (65.), 5:1 Heinzmann (72.), 6:1 Nickeleit (76.), 7:1 Musa (84.)

Attendance: 3.000
Yellow cards:



Wuppertal blown into toilet

As the Saarbrücker Zeitung noted, this was not your basic WSV team. Injuries had forced coach Rudi Gores to show up with a rummp team, and their play indicated that they're not yet ready for prime time, as they were devoured by a hungry Saarbrücker team. Still, the disgraceful result is barely believable.

The Nigerian forward, Sambo Choji was the main instigator of WSV's problems. He was always running through the WSV defense, and after only 12 minutes, had sliced through and put the hosts on top. Choji was at it again after 20 minutes. Josef Luginer crossed the ball, and Choji dived into the ball, heading a rocket past Ogrinc, leaving him no chance. Photo (10K) . Only 2 minutes later, Angelo Donato steals the ball, advances unchallneged about 40 yards, then passes up to Branko Zibert, who advances a further 10 meters, then blasts the ball into the net. For Wuppertal, there was simply no highlight. Momentarily, the fans attention was on the stands, as the Wuppertal and Saarbruecken Hooligans had it out, with a few broken noses and arrests.

The 2nd half was more of the same, as Saarbruecken pretty much did whatever they pleased, scored a couple of more, and generally kicked WSV's ass. Only after 72. minutes did WSV at least manage to get the "honor goal" (Ehrentreffer), as Dirk Heinzmann managed to slip one by. But then it was business as usual. The final stab was the nice slalom run by Stefan Musa, who waltzed through the non-existant WSV "defense", then put home a flat shot into the left corner. The rout was complete...

Standings after Round 31