Fan Clubs --- Der WSV ist überall!

As you would expect from a famous and glorious club, WSV has several fan clubs of die hard supporters. (Given recent performance, I guess you could say the accent is on "die", but we haven't given up yet!) The once massive throngs have long deserted the terraces of the Zoo-Stadion. When I was a kid, it seemed that crowds were always around 10-15,000, with up to 30,000 for big matches. As WSV closes out the milenium, a "crowd" of 2,000 is more the norm.

The one of the largest fan clubs is "Schwebende Jonges". I guess it means something like "floating/hanging/suspended boys", which some might think as a clever reference to the Schwebebahn. Actually, it probably has more to do with the state of mind after celebrating the latest WSV victory or drowning out sorrow of yet another crap performance with too many Pils. Nevertheless, there are currently more than 70 members! I'm informed that there were over 120 when WSV was in the 2.Bundesliga. Now you might be thinking along the lines of "ooh, that's bad. Some 50 members have left." But nothing could be further than the truth. They were probably whiny Düsseldörfers that were too embarassed to root for Fortuna until they got in the Bundesliga. Meanwhile, the true WSV fans remain loyal to the club, even if that means that you have to watch them play worthless clubs like Erkenschwick on a regular basis.

If you would like more information, you can contact them at:

"Schwebende Jonge's" Wuppertal e.V.
Postfach 130201
42029 Wuppertal

e-mail contact is Patrick Diebenbusch

Of course, legendary clubs like Wuppertaler SV are not limited to a single club. Others have sprung up to spread the word, or at least to have an excuse to go visit the local pub. Among more recent notification is the WSV-Szene-Westerwald, which is a bit of a bizarre name, but that seems to be a tradition among fan clubs. I suppose it's no worse than San Jose's Casbah.

c/o Jörn Janssen
Postfach 20
53558 Vettelschloss/Westerwald
Telefon: (0161) 721 8186

Web site:

Another fan club is Wupperschlümpfe. No details are available on them or others such as Rot-Blaue Freunde or Die Falken.

Of course, given WSV's world-wide fame, you would expect fan clubs all over the place. As of yet, there is no USA based club, which is a bit of a disgrace, but we're working on establishing a Silicon Valley chapter and perhaps an affiliate in Thunder Bay, Canada. (For those of you not up-to-date on current events, Canada is a puppet vassal state of the US). Our sources tell us that the only thing holding up the chapter, is the complete lack of any WSV paraphanalia, such as flags, jerseys, pennants etc. If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause, please contact