What's new on the WSV Web Page

November 2001
* - Rewrite, especially history section

May 2000
* - Move website from verio.com to sonic.net
* - General rewrite of site

September 1999
* - Add player stats to roster

August 1998
* - revamping web page

March 1998
* - Added "WSV Man of the Match" feature
* - Various cleanup. Abandon German format for time being.

October 1997
* - Pictures of most players are now available under "Team Roster"
* - Added "Preview" section for each game

September 1997
* - Added new info to "Fan Page"
* - Added attendance, scoring to season tables
* - Added statistical table

August 1997
* - Added section on The Founding of WSV
* - Added section on Regionalliga West/SW standings in the 97/98 season section .
* - Added list of players from 1954-1971

July 1997
* - Added a list of American players in Germany . It's still under development.

* - Added 97-98 roster and a Preseason review.

June 1997
* - Added Advances in BBQ Theory link. This demonstrates American superiority in charcoal lighting theory.

* - Added a goofy counter so I could get a closer idea of how many folks really need to get a life.

* - Web page moved from CRL Networks to West Coast Online (WCO). There were a variety of reasons for this move. Hopefully it will lead to greater accessibility and spreading of the WSV gospel.

* - Added various US soccer links, plus FC Remscheid.

April 1997
* - Added an editorial page were I can rant and rave!
* - Added new link to SC Verl home page
* - Jetzt auf Deutsch! Ha! Fooled you! Well, almost. I have a German version under construction. It's pretty funny, mostly because of the crappy grammar. A lot of the stuff hasn't been translated yet...
* - Added a Sven Christians section, to detail the ongoings about everybody's favorite WSVer!
* - Added more details of historical seasons. Many thanks to Hans-Werner Kegel and Michael Moll for statistics from 1976-96.

March 1997
* - Reorganized the "Background and History" section.
* - Added details of all games 1976-80 2. Liga Nord years.
* - Added a list of all WSV players , trainers and goal scorers from 1972-1996.
* - Fan club info, Schwebende Jonge makes an appearance

August 1996
* - The birth of the WSV Web Page, Pacific Edition! After vainly searching the web for a page of our beloved club, I was getting desperate (mainly because I had run out of beer). So I decided, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself...