Elizabeth W. Morris, PhD

Planning for Sustainable Communities
Berkeley, California


  • Foundations of Hope: A Study of Berkeley Youth Ages 5-11. Report to the Berkeley Community Fund, June 2001.

  • "Hollow City: The Siege of San Francisco and the Crisis of American Urbanism" and "E-TOPIA." Book reviews. Berkeley Planning Journal 15 2001.

  • Fruitvale ReCycle Bicycle Shop Business Plan. Unity Council, Oakland, CA. 1999.

  • For the West Berkeley Neighborhood Development Corporation, Berkeley, CA:

    • West Berkeley Mercado Business Plan, 1998
    • Berkeley Kitchens, Inc. Feasibility Study, a proposed food ventures incubators.
    • Alma de Esther, Feasibility Study for a proposed open-air market in West Berkeley.
    • Berkeley Industrial Greenhouse, feasiblity study for a proposed remanufacturing business incubator
    • Berkeley Entreprenuership and Employment Project. Concept Paper
    • WBNDC Long-Range Strategic Plan, 1998-2003

  • Status and Trends in Bereavement Care in Silicon Valley. 1998. A Report to KARA, Palo Alto, CA and SWOT Team Consulting.

  • For the East Bay Conversion and Reinvestment Commission/SWOT Team Consulting, Oakland, CA:

    • Adams Marine II, Feasibility Analysis and Market Study. 1999
    • National Recycling Enterprises Feasibility Analysis and Market Study. 1996-97
    • FEDCON: an Environmental Remediation Business, Feasibility Analysis and Market Study, 1998.
    • California Multicultural Preschool Market Study. 1997.

  • Community in Theory and Practice: A Framework for Intellectual Renewal. Journal of Planning Literature 11, 1. August 1996. Comprehensive bibliograpy with commentaries on contemporary research and professional movements.

  • Editor, West Berkeley PrideGuide: A Business and Community Resource Directory. "History, heros, artists, activists, entrepreneurs." Published by the West Berkeley Neighborhood Development Corporation.

  • Co-editor. Berkeley Planning Journal 9. 1994. With Rolf Pendall and Rachel Weinberger. Organized submissions, blind reviews, and editing of articles, including a special roundtable critique of "The New Urbanism" by Bay Area professionals and academics.

  • Workforce Development and Economic Development: Review of Research (vol.1) and Initiatives by Other States(vol. 2). 1994-5. Briefing Books for the California State Job Training and Coordinating Council. With Ted Bradshaw, Institute for Urban and Regional Development, UC Berkeley and Alicia Bugarin, California Research Bureau.

  • Developer Contribution Systems in the U.S.1994. Briefing paper for the City of Sydney, Australia.

  • Five-Year Redevelopment Plan for Downtown Oakland. 1992. In-house document written for the Offices of the Mayor and City Manager.

  • Characteristics and Needs of Oakland's Families. 1992. Analysis of demographic, economic, and social program indicators. Center for Urban Family Life, Oakland, CA.

  • Editor. Future of the Bay Area Economy. 1991-92. Part 1: Regional Change and Economic Viability; Part 2: The Nature of Regional Interdependence; Part 3: Equity and Distributional Aspects of the Bay Area Economy. Student research published a s Working Papers 553, 570, 575 of the Institute for Urban & Regional Development (with support from Pacific Gas & Electric Co and the Bay Area Forum), Berkeley, CA.

  • Bay Area Counties - Demographic Profiles and Projections, 1980-2005. 1991. With Tapan Munroe, Chief Economist, Pacific Gas & Electric. San Francisco, CA.

  • Medical Offices and Residential Conversion on Sacramento Street.1991. With Corey Alvin. Survey and analysis of land use and zoning compliance for the Presidio Heights Association of Neighbors.

  • Economic Conditions and Forces of Change in San Joaquin County.1988. With Cynthia Kroll. Working paper #88-179, Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics, Berkeley, CA.

  • Guide to Motel Development. 1988. Written for the Kayenta (AZ) Development Authority, (Navajo Nation) and the National Economic Development & Law Center, Berkeley, CA.

  • Editor. Case Studies of the Neighborhood Development Demonstration Project: prospects for neighborhood fundraising.1988. Community Information Exchange and U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, DC.


  • Foundations of Hope: A Study of Berkeley Youth Ages 5-11. Report to the Berkeley Community Fund Board of Directors, June 18, 2001.

  • West Berkeley and the Future of Berkeley's Green Economy. Talk to the Ecology Center's 33rd Annual Meeting. Jan. 24, 2001. Berkeley, CA.

  • Starting a Recycling/Reuse/Remanufacturing Business. Moderator and panelist.Conference on Social Enterprise for Nonprofits, Center for Community Futures, Emeryville, CA. August 11-13, 1999.

  • Workforce Development and Economic Development. Summary of state policy initiatives to the Community Institute, an association of 40 nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area. January, 1996.

  • Comparative structures of community participation. Presentation at the annual conference of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, Tempe, AZ. November 5, 1994.

  • Adversaries, advocates, and agenda setters: nonprofits in urban redevelopment. Paper given at the national conference of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Associations, Berkeley, CA. October 22, 1994.

  • Yerba Buena Center: a case study of citizen participation in urban redevelopment. Paper given at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning annual conference, Philadelphia, PA. Oct. 30, 1993.

  • Regional context for community economic development. Briefing to the Community Economic Development Funding Collaborative Steering Committee, sponsored by the Hewlitt and Levi Strauss Foundations, San Francisco, CA. December, 1992.

  • Regionalism and affordable housing. Panelist at final conference of the Regionalism and Community Economic Development Project of the National Economic Development and Law Center, Berkeley, CA. April, 1990.

  • Gateway to Oakland: design concept for Hegenberger Road. Presentations of student work to Urban Design Committee, Oakland-University Metropolitan Forum and the Coliseum Commerce Advisory Committee, Oakland Chamber of Commerce. October, 1988.

  • Community-based alternatives to the Greenhouse Compact. Panelist in a series on state economic development policy sponsored by Brown University, Providence, RI. April, 1984.

  • Economic change in Rhode Island, 45 minute video with William Oswald produced for cable TV by the Foundation for Community Organization, Providence, RI, March 1984. Response to the Rhode Island Greenhouse Compact, Interview, AFL-CIO Cable News . January, 1984.

Lecturer. Dept. of City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley. Spring 1999.
Lecturer. Urban Studies Program, San Francisco State University (Summer and Fall 1996; Summer 1997).
Lecturer, American Studies Institute, University of California at Berkeley (Summer, 1995).
      Community Development in the Bay Area
Lecturer, School of Urban & Regional Planning, University of Southern California (Spring 1995).
      Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
      History and Development of Cities
Graduate Student Instructor, Dept. of City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley
      Theory and Practice of Community Development (Spring 1993).
      Qualitative Research Methods for Planners (Spring 1992).
      Forecasting the Bay Area Economy (Spring 1991).
      The Regional and Metropolitan Economy (Fall 1990).
      Quantitative Research Methods for Planners (Fall 1987).
      Introduction to Computers and Programming (Dept. of Interdisciplinary Studies, 3 semesters 1991-1992).
Guest Lectures - University of California at Berkeley, San Francisco State University, and University of Southern California
      Community design and economic development; Urban redevelopment; Economic redevelopment in downtown Oakland; Housing and neighborhood deterioration; Community development corporations; Community and economy--making the link; Making sense of the literature on community; Theoretical dimensions of community; Women and minorities in the history of community economic development.


Principal Investigator/Dissertaton Research Associate. Urban redevelopment and the emerging community sector. (1994-present)

    Study of the role of community-based organizations in redevelopment planning; case studies and key informant interviews of projects in Baltimore and San Francisco. Funded by Aspen Institute Nonprofit Sector Research Fund, Washington, DC, 1994.
Graduate Research Assistant - University of California at Berkeley (1988-1995)
    Workforce preparedness and economic development. Literature reviews and background research for report on statewide reforms to be proposed by the California State Job Training Coordinating Council. (Principle Investigator: Ted Bradshaw, Institute for Urban and Regional Development. Fall/Winter 1994-5).
    Planning curricula--alumni survey. Database design and survey management assistance. (PI: Judith Innes, Director, Institute for Urban and Regional Development. Spring 1993)
    Comparative regional development. Wrote extensive case study of development in the tri-state New York City metropolitan area. (PI: Julia Trilling, Center for Western European Studies. Fall 1992)
    History of pollution controls. Legal and historical research and database management. (PI: Christine Rosen, Haas School of Business. Fall 1991)
    Urban waterfront development. Case studies of public/private projects, waterfront plans, and related research for the California Coastal Conservancy. (PI: David Dowall, Institute for Urban and Regional Development. May, 1989 - April, 1990)
    Economic conditions and forces of change in San Joaquin County. Research study for the San Joaquin Business Council/Grupe Development Company. (PI: Cynthia Kroll, Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics. Summer 1988)

(Spring 1998)

West Berkeley Neighborhood Development Corporation, Berkeley, CA
    Strategic planning, funds development, and management assistance. Designing entrepreneurship program for multicultural, low-income community.
Community Institutions and Capacity Building Project, San Francisco, CA.
    Assessment of leadership networks and organizational development, barriers, and collaborations in Bayview Hunters Point, a low-income community of color.
SWOT Team Consulting, San Francisco, CA.
    Market studies and strategic planning research for business, government, and nonprofit clients.
San Pablo Avenue Peace Wall, Berkeley, CA
    Fundraising and community organizing for multi-site community art project of hand-painted tiles; part of the World Wall for Peace.

Selected Employers and Clients, 1980-1995

Economic Development and Land Use Research
  • SWOT Team Consulting, San Francisco, CA.
  • Oakland Redevelopment Agency, Oakland, CA.
  • Applied Development Economics, Berkeley, CA (Client: City of Coalinga, CA).
  • Chief Economist's Office, Pacific Gas & Electric Co., San Francisco, CA.
  • Presidio Heights Association of Neighbors, San Francisco, CA.
  • Institute for Urban and Regional Development (Client: California Coastal Conservancy).
  • National Economic Development & Law Center, Berkeley, CA (Client: Navajo Nation)
  • Community Information Exchange, Washington, DC.
Strategic Planning, Program Evaluation, and Policy Research
  • California State Job Training Coordinating Council (Consultant: Ted Bradshaw, Institute for Urban and Regional Development, UC Berkeley).
  • Center for Urban Family Life, Oakland, CA.
  • Moira Shek So & Associates, San Francisco, CA (Client: Community Economic Development Funding Collaborative Steering Committee).
  • Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Berkeley, CA (Client: El Dorado Irrigation District).
  • Campaign for Human Development/U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Washington, DC.
  • Planners Network/Institute for Policy Studies, Washington, DC.
  • Foundation for Community Organization, Providence, RI.
Research Programming, Database Management, and Computer Training
  • Blayney Dyatt Greenberg, San Francisco, CA.
  • Dept. of City & Regional Planning, UC Berkeley.
  • Abt Associates, Washington, DC (Client: U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services).
  • Dept. of Evaluation, Butler Hospital, Providence, RI. (Client: National Institute
  • of Mental Health)

  • Berkeley Planning Commission
  • Urban Ecology
  • Addison Court Housing Cooperative
  • Friends Committee on Legislation of California, Northern California Regional Committee
  • West Berkeley Neighborhood Development Corporation Board of Directors
  • Bay Area Country Dance Society

  • San Francisco Free Folk Festival
  • World Wall for Peace
  • Councilmember Cyr Miller, San Rafael, CA
  • University Avenue Plan Citizens Steering Committee, Berkeley, CA
  • Community Institute, Oakland, CA
  • The Berkeley Way
  • HOMEBASE, San Francisco
  • California Community Summits Network
  • Berkeley Community Cares Service Bank
  • West Berkeley Summer Fair Organizing Committee
  • Berkeley Training and Employment Collaborative
  • Vista Community College

Doctor of Philosophy (1998). Dept. of City and Regional Planning, University of California at Berkeley. Fields: Community Development (passed with Distinction) Planning Theory; Public Administration.

    Dissertation: Urban Redevelopment and the Emerging Community Sector. Committee: Judith Innes (Chair), Edward Blakely, Pedro Noguera. Funded by the Aspen Institute.
Master of City Planning (1990). UC Berkeley. Field: Regional Economic Development.
B.A., Urban Studies (1985). Beacon College, Washington, D.C. Minor: Community Organizing

Certificate in Group Leadership/Experiential Education (1983). Mid-Atlantic Association for Training and Consultation, Washington, DC. 160 hour laboratory training program.

  • Commencement Speaker (Graduate Student), College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley, 1996.

  • Aspen Institute Nonprofit Sector Research Fellow, Washington, DC, 1994.

  • Mayors Design Institute Scholar, College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley, 1993.

  • Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor, UC Berkeley, 1992.


  • Word processing, database, desktop publishing, statistical and spreadsheet software on IBM and Macintosh desktop systems.

  • Languages and packages include SAS, SPSS, BMDP, PL/I, FORTRAN and IBM Assembler (IBM mainframe and DEC minicomputers).

  • HTML, UNIX, vi.

  • Modest knowledge of geographical information systems.

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