Elizabeth W. Morris, PhD

Planning for Sustainable Communities
Berkeley, California

What I do:

I help nonprofits, public agencies, and businesses with:
  • City & regional planning-- public policy-making, project design, and evalution related to the design and use of our human habitats: the built environment and the local economy.

  • Community development -- building leadership and organizational resources to support the life of people in neighborhoods and regions

  • Enterprise development -- strategic plans, market studies and business plans; project and program design.

  • Research and analysis-- Strategic and policy-oriented. Qualitative and quantitative, land use and user surveys; database management.What you need to know, I find out.

  • Communications -- Liaison with community groups and public agencies, production of technical reports, web sites and other materials, meeting facilitation and public presentations.

  • Coaching and Training -- Citizen groups, grassroots boards of directors, and professionals. I have taught city planning and related courses at UC Berkeley, University of Southern California, and San Francisco State University.
  • 20 years experience in San Francisco Bay Area, Washington, DC, and Providence RI.

  • Available project-by-project or retainer plus hourly services. Full-time positions considered, as well as fruitful partnerships with other consultants.

  • Can put together multicultural teams of professionals or make referrals as needed.

Working Principles of Sustainable Development

  • Environmentally sound -- address long-term effects of choices on the natural world and human health; emphasizing recycling and reuse over increasing production of new products from raw materials

  • Socially just -- equalize costs, benefits, and access to resources, particularly for lower-income people and their communities.

  • Economically viable -- design projects that will generate or attract sufficient resources for continued survival, without depending on staff exploitation or politically unreliable grants.

  • Politically Relevant -- it's a complex world out there, and you need to know how your work fits in with what already going on--who 's doing what, where, and how that affects you. Think of politics as the art and ecology of managing access to decisions and resources across a range of human institutions.

  • Participatory, Collaborative, and Diverse -- involve stakeholders,and cultivate people who care, including those who may not be able to speak for themselves as readily as others. Beyond democracy, we all have a piece of the puzzle.

  • Creative -- Planning is the art of making dreams come true. Let's learn from our environment continuously, be flexible and adapt, while maintaining core values and goals. And let's enjoy ourselves while we're doing it!

For consultations & referrals, call 510/549-8790 or email betsy@kali.com

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