Elizabeth W. Morris, PhD

Planning for Sustainable Communities
Berkeley, California


  • YWCA of Oakland (http://ywca.oakcal.com) Now helping group to develop a full-featured site for events, membership development and fundraising, as well as a proposed "community leadership" internet training program.

  • West Berkeley on the Web Corporation (http://www.westberkeley.com). Developed community web site through a class of students from UC Berkeley. Content drawn in part from West Berkeley PrideGuide, a publication I cowrote/edited in 1996.

  • Rhythm Play by Mika Scott (http://www.kali.com/~betsy/rhythmplay-mika.html). Site constructed for local musician.

  • Web Publishing: HTML, BBEdit, Photoshop, Anarchie, Word 2000.

  • Online Research: Multiple search engines (altavista.com; google.com; ask.com; northernlight.com). Frequent public and private database searches (e.g. US Census, business databases, newspaper archives, LEXUS, UC Berkeley's MELVYL catalog system)

  • PC SoftwareApplications for IBM PC and Macintosh systems, including Microsoft Office Suite, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, SPSS, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Pine, and Eudora.

  • Mainframe/Minicomputer Systems: VAX (VMS), IBM370 (CMS), PDP10.

  • Programming and Statistical Languages: FORTRAN, PL/I, PASCAL, BASIC, IBM370 Assembler, SAS SPSS, BMDP

  • Other: Modest working knowledge of UNIX, vi, PC-based GIS systems (ArcInfo, MapInfo), and 3Com PalmPilot software. Modest use (enough to know better) of Access, Dbase, and Paradox.

  • Database Manager and Programmer/Analyst. Abt Associates, Washington, DC. Client: U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. Managed and analyzed large-scale data sets for research and evaluation studies in social welfare; designed statistical sampling software for senior researchers; handled timeshare systems, advised junior research and programming staff in PL/I and SAS.

  • Consultant. Community Information Exchange, Washington DC. Updated database in MIST ++, an early PC-based networking software.

  • Programmer/Analyst. Butler Hospital, Evaluation Dept., Providence, RI. Managed and analyzed longitudinal data sets varied research projects. Programming in FORTRAN and IBM 370 assembly language. Handled data problems and backups for hospital-wide patient database. Developed VMS system software for new VAX.

  • Programmer/Analyst. Women and Infants Hospital, Providence, RI. Designed data collection forms, created and analyzed statistical databases using SPSS; trained medical staff in use of basic statistics.

  • Contract Programmer. John Carter Brown Library, Providence, RI. Wrote software to create bibliographies for publication from catalog databases. PL/I.

  • Contract Programmer. Wrote insurance claims software in Wang BASIC systems.

  • SCRIPT Editor and Technical Support. Nathan Williamson Associates, Providence, RI. Used SCRIPT to format technical documents; installed and tested COBOL and systems software on early IBM office computers

  • Research Assistant. Geology Department, Brown University. Created data files in FORTRAN from tapes and original map analysis for study of prehistoric weather patterns.

  • Graduate Student Instructor, IDS 113: Introduction to Computing, Dept. of Interdisciplinary Studies. UC Berkeley. 1992-93 (3 semesters). Worked with students in computer lab to program and solve problems using PASCAL and other applications for the Macintosh.

  • Graduate Student Researcher. UC Berkeley, 1988-89. Software coach and hardware troubleshooting for graduate student micro-computer lab. Also created databases in Paradox and Excel for faculty researchers in Planning Dept. and the Haas Business School (1991-92).

  • Consultant. Blayney Dyatt Greenberg, San Francisco, CA. 1989. Designed and administered in-house staff training in Lotus 1-2-3 for city planning firm.

  • Computer Lab Monitor. Northfield Mt. Hermon School, E. Northfield, MA. 1972.

  • Advanced Multivariate Statistics for Planners. Dept. of City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley. Graduate class using SPSS and custom software, 1991.

  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems. Dept. of City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley. Graduate/professional course, 6 weeks. 1990.

  • Structured Programming Techniques; and Basic Telecommunications. Professional classes at the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Extension Program, Washington, DC. 1985-86.

  • Introduction to Programming and Introduction to Database Programming. Undergraduate classes Computer Science Dept. of Brown University, 1976-77.

For consultations & referrals, call 510/549-8790 or email betsy@kali.com

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