Newt Gingrich En Route to Bohemian Grove July 21, 1995

Photos and text copyright 1997 Kerry Richardson.

Newt Gingrich gets off the United States Tobacco jet

United States Congressman Newt Gingrich, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, flew into the Sonoma County Airport Friday afternoon, July 21, 1995. In this photo made with a 400mm. lens, Gingrich can be seen as a small figure waving below the open jet door. A check of the FAA aircraft registry indicated that the plane Gingrich arrived on was registered to United States Tobacco Sales and Marketing Co. Inc., which is a subsidiary of United States Tobacco Co. Inc., a subsidiary of UST Inc.. Their chief products include the Skoal and Copenhagen brands of smokeless tobacco.

Fortunately for photographers and other onlookers, Speaker Gingrich stopped for several minutes closer in before proceeding on to the Bohemian Grove. He schmoozed, flirted, held infants, and signed autographs. Gingrich was travelling with one of his Congressional allies, Representative David Dreier (Republican, Claremont, California), who is seen at the left of the photo above right. Dreier's press spokesman said the two Congressmen stopped earlier that day elsewhere in California. Gingrich gave a speech at the Grove.