These are links to web sites at other locations that contain photos made at the Bohemian Grove.

This links to a collection of old photo postcards of the Bohemian Grove assembled by Steve Thoemke. There are views of tall redwoods and the railroad tracks that used to go to the Grove.
This links to the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory website and a speech by Nobel Prize winning chemist Glenn Seaborg. The section of the speech concerning Richard M. Nixon has a photo dated July, 1967 of a breakfast at the Owl's Nest camp that includes Ronald Reagan and Nixon in the picture.
This is a link to Chapter Five of an online version of a history of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Chapter Five contains a 1950 photo of physicist Ernest Lawrence meeting at the Bohemian Grove with former President Herbert Hoover and future President Dwight Eisenhower. The Grove photo in this chapter is dated in July 23, 1950, which means it was made during the club's annual summer encampment. Lawrence played a key role in the development of nuclear weapons, and chapters in this publication mention two planning meetings that were held at the Bohemian Grove during the 1940's regarding development of the atomic bomb and the functioning of the Atomic Energy Commission. A stand alone version of the photo is on the Lawrence Berkeley lab website at
This photo was used in the print version of of the LBL Newsmagazine's Fiftieth Anniversary Special issue published in the Fall of 1981 (Vol 6, No. 3), although it is not included in the current online version of the magazine. The photo dated September 13, 1942 shows scientists Harold C. Urey, Ernest O. Lawrence, James B. Conant, Lyman J. Briggs, E.V. Murphree, and A.H. Compton inside a clubhouse at the Bohemian Grove during a meeting of the "S-1 Committee." The publication explains that the S-1 Committee oversaw the uranium project for the Office of Scientific Researach and Development that guided research and development of "the mechanisms and devices of warfare" during the second world war. Uranium was the raw material used to make the atomic bomb. At the Bohemian Grove scientists made decisions regarding the various tasks and research necessary to develop the atomic bomb. Chapter Four of the online version of the history of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory mentions an August 1947 meeting at Bohemian Grove that formulated Atomic Energy Commission research policy.
This is a link to an online photo library at the University of California at Berkeley that has several images made from 1904 to 1915 of the noted American author Jack London at the Bohemian Grove. London, the author of "Call of the Wild," lived in Sonoma County and, during the summer, would travel from his home in Glen Ellen to join the encampment at the Grove. Some of these photos are from the collection of the Bancroft Library on the U.C. Berkeley campus.
This links to a 1941 photo of Earl Warren and some other members of the University of California, Berkeley class of 1912 at the Bohemian Grove. Warren, who would later become Governor of California and then Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, is at the left of the photo. The group is posing in front of the Lamp of Fellowship at the base of the Grove's Owl Shrine.