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Introduction to Asteroids and Mythology
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ASTEROID = a steroid = A small but potent particle meant to catalyze growth with a major jumpstart and powerful results; interacting and affecting all other parts of oneself, including your hormones!

This section will be devoted to asteroids as they are interpreted in the astrological chart. The interpretation of asteroids is based on the mythology or history of the named character or event, and additionally, what placement they have in a natal chart or during a transit. Asteroids represent specific personality profiles, behaviors, situations, or types of events.

Belief forms personality and behavior through motivation; behavior (action) shapes environment, relationships and affects outcomes of situations.

To know the beliefs and behaviors associated with a character, study the myths about that characters' namesake. Learn the issues, dilemmas, attitudes, decisions, actions, and consequences of the characters in the original story. The energy patterns of the asteroids named after the characters, whether ancient or modern, will reflect within the life of the individual. Classic stories are just as important. Pay attention to essence, not what year a certain situation presented itself. All characters in a myth may play a vital interrelated role.

Names carry an energy pattern; a good name book can be of value, as can be a knowledge of ancient history and recent events. When the name of the asteroid closely resembles the name of a person it is a sign that the person has a very strong relationship with the energy and behavior and thought patterns associated with the mythology or history of that name. There is a repetition of the basic style of interaction with others as represented in original myths about the named asteroid.

I believe, as many others do, that perhaps we all have our own myth to live, in our own style. Myths are not only colorful and entertaining, they are greatly exaggerated, like the movies. How many of these myths are happy? Most deal with sorrow, fears, great trials, and human miseries of many kinds. It's much easier to write about them than it is to live them. The challenges rarely feel like Aries challenges; taking action for the sake of the invigorating experience of growth. Instead, the stories are of characters filled with frustration, anger, pain, jealousy, sadness, and longing.
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It is important to realize, as we are looking for evidence of a myth being active in our lives, that myths greatly exaggerate situations, feelings, reactions, and solutions. Virtually everything mentioned in a myth can be metaphor, and nothing is by chance.

Possibly we live several myths, taking turns with differing roles as if we are actors. A particular myth can take our major attention, or consciousness and actions, while others either have not surfaced or are temporarily out of view. If a myth is primary to our lives, all characters in that myth are going to manifest in our lives, through our behavior or interactions with other people who may be playing out related roles. We may actively stay in one role for several years hearing the voice of another role in our self-dialogue.

Watch the asteroids of your choice in your chart, and the charts of people whose life issues you can follow and discuss. The following articles assume at least a familiarity with natal charts, planets, houses, and transits. (The first asteroid in this series will be Diana; it will not be an article about Lady Diana Spencer, but her chart will be one of several examples.)

Kira Ivory, Astrological Consultant

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