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Comments About Sect

The following pages are comments about some practical considerations regarding sect, not a total explanation of all the details of sect. They represent a few of my observances, and will eventually have several subject headings which may be able to "stand alone" and not have to be read sequentially provided there is some basic knowledge of the doctrine of sect. For a comprehensive introductory foundation on the subject, contact Ellen at Project Hindsight (304) 258-5873 and ask about recommended materials for study. Robert Hand recorded a fine two-tape set at NCGR San Francisco in March of 1996. You can e-mail Steve Pincus ( or call (415) 968-4513 for tape information. He runs Sun Recording Service and the NCGR SF chapter.

The concepts in the doctrine of sect are new to western astrologers. They describe a sensible weighting of emphasis based on the hemisphere location, quadrant location, house and sign placement of planets. The rules of sect measure the attention, strength and direction of behavior of the individual as depicted through various planetary placements. Noting the sect of the planets is a way of observing and cataloging individual differences in style and attitude, response and action. Put in a straightforward manner, the planetary energies functioning through the individual are profoundly different in the two opposite hemispheres as understood by analysis according to the rules of sect.

The first basic division notes the placement of the Sun or Moon in either the lower or upper half of the chart, depending on birthtime. If the Sun is above the horizon it is described as a daytime or diurnal chart. The Sun is basically in sect if above the horizon. It is considered to be a more strongly emphasized energy force in the person's life than if it appears below the horizon. The ascendant/descendant axis (line) is the dividing point between day and night births, and this is not chosen by our individual curtural customs of denoting a specific hour as "evening", but rather the exact position of the Sun as determined mathematically.
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When the Sun appears below the horizon in a birth chart it indicates a different self-view or a shift of emphasis to the Moon as representing the stronger motivating factor for the actions carried out in the personal Mars style of the individual. The Moon has always indicated an attitude of receptivity or emotional response pattern. If the Moon is emphasized because the person was born during the Moon's time of dominance, nighttime, then they are usually a more emotionally driven-person. This individual will take actions based on the perception of expected feeling or how they will be emotionally affected, regardless of how many people may benefit from the actions. Whether their perceptions are accurate, or positive choices made is not a factor at this time.

The person born with the Sun as the dominant factor, or a diurnal birth, is not necessarily less emotional than the person whose birth is nocturnal, but they seem to more readily separate feelings from accomplishment goals. Many of my clients who have the Sun above the horizon seem to be able to very well separate their business efforts and successes from their personal assessment of feelings or relationships, or health issues.

One of the first obvious questions is: "What about the Sun and Moon in the same hemisphere?" This immediately brought to mind the current western thinking of balance as essential to harmony. What about an even greater emphasis on one side of the chart over the other? The nocturnal or Moon-dominated chart in no way indicates a person of lesser intelligence or drive, or life-interest (Eros factor) than a Sun-dominated chart. Aside from that, my observation is that the person who is balanced is the person who is perhaps involved in many diverse efforts during the course of a day or week, and it is very hard to accomplish a great deal in any one area.

It is worth noting that the books and tape sets by motivational speakers are no longer focused on balance, but recently they stress developing the most important parts of one's life, and the heck with the rest. The "unbalanced" person is the one who has the greatest accomplishments. The tendency is to develop other facets of life in subsequent decades.
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The placement of the Sun, Moon, and most other planets in the same hemisphere increases the ability of the individual to focus energy. The person with this natal pattern will not seem balanced, but very strongly aimed in a direction. The direction may seem aimless or toward destructive behaviors, or extremely positive; it is the intensity that counts. Balance may come from many different factors in the chart than a pattern of opposite hemisphere planets. It might help to compare the following two charts of regular, non-famous people, both with an emphasis of Sun and Moon in the lower half of the chart.

This comparison is done without the current understanding of the role of the nodes, Chiron, Ceres, or Moon phases. The emphasis is a very basic application of only a couple rules of sect; the placement of the Sun and Moon in the same hemisphere and below the horizon, and the placement of Saturn in two different hemispheres. It would make a very good study in a classroom with more discussion of several other planetary factors.

Person A has Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn below the horizon. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are also below the horizon, but they were not a part of the old doctrine. The Asc is Cancer, the Sun is Leo, the Moon is Libra, sextile Sun. This person is very emotional and is in touch with her feelings, discusses as well as expresses them readily and often. No surprises there. A well aspected 5th house Scorpio Saturn, trine the Asc, and widely square her Sun lead to stability, drive, and periodic successful major efforts to expand her talents and abilities through the usual channels of education and application.

She is emotional, successful in her career, well-liked, organized, in a very supportive relationship, has several good friends, participates often in family gatherings, travels extensively as a sort of hobby, and physically healthy. We would say balanced in many aspects of her development, but in my observation, also immensely emotional. Mercury conjunct Jupiter in the first house, still in Cancer, increases her tendency to talk considerably about herself.
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According to the rules of sect, Saturn in this placement is considered to be much less difficult to integrate. (Same hemisphere as the Sun, in a feminine sign, not in any aspect to Mars, and from the 5th house, a mutual reception of sorts with the Sun in Leo. She is honest about her limits (time exists in our world). It is my opinion that the trio of Sun, Moon, and Asc being in expressive signs have been balanced by the Saturn square. She is both artistic and practical. The balance has come from Saturn in a non-obvious way. The hard-work ethic and the tendency to interact socially with others, has taken most of the available time and energy. There has been no time for children, pets, house ownership. Some of the mainstays of contemporary modern America have been forgone in order to intensify time spent on self-development.

One major difference in the two charts is the placement of Saturn. Saturn is below the horizon in the same hemisphere as the Sun for the first person, actually square her Sun, so she feels challenges and responsibilities come from within herself, and the square indicates an ability of the individual to concentrate behaviors toward reaching goals of importance to her. She is typically aware of how she feels as she is working toward these goals, at every step of the way.Saturn in the same hemisphere as the Sun tends toward a focus of personal action integrating the meaning of Saturns' sign and house placement. It can be either positive or negative, but tends to be how the Sun progresses toward the challenge of personally selected goals.

Person B has the same planets below the horizon, but the Asc is Leo and the Sun is Scorpio, Moon in Capricorn. She also has an awareness of feelings to a strong degree, and expresses them often, and also frequently talks about how she feels. Both women talk about the past a lot; their Moon phase is the same, and indicates a clinging to the past and a strong dependance on family, but it is expressed quite differently. The Moon for person B is strongly linked to Saturn by sign, and Saturn is "out of sect", or not functioning toward developing positive structures, but representing roadblocks. This increases the interpretation of the Moon as being problematical, and remember it is strong, being below the horizon, but in the sign of its fall.

Person B has a poorly aspected (Neptune square) seventh house Saturn in Aquarius, feeling all relationships are a testing of her ability to contribute to the world in her unique way. She feels all people are judging her progress and achievements, and while quite in touch with her feelings, she is not aware that this idea is a projection. There is little attempt to analyze her feelings although she has the ability and education to do so. Mercury is in the fifth house with Venus and Mars, increasing the need for dramatization and sharing of individual contribution. Although Mercury is a part of a grand trine to Jupiter (another out of sect planet), it only increases her tendency to think in ways that stymie slow development of interpersonal skills and longterm educational goals.
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She is a gifted communicator, fine poet, expressive actress, has the ability to organize and follow through, but finds that her opinion of herself is so poor she just as frequently gives up shortly after projects begin. Deciding that people automatically think poorly of her (the projection), and having no grounding or stabilizing planet to balance the major grouping below the horizon where emotions reign, they have run away with her. She is essentially hostage to her feelings. Is it any wonder that Saturn is in the seventh house indicating a need for balance or perspective in relationships (the scales, remember?)

Saturn in the opposite hemisphere of the Sun shows a belief that challenges come from outside the individual. There is more of a tendency to respond rather than initiate. The person behaving with Moon energy dominating instead of Sun energy, perceives Saturn as an indicator of restrictions, of serious roadblocks, of unfamiliar rules and patterns.

It is my intention to periodically add comments on other factors leading to an understanding of the concepts presented by the doctrine of sect.

Kira Ivory, Astrological Consultant

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