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Services and Prices

Individual consultations are available by mail or by phone.
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Interpretation includes information about relationships, career, health, personal growth, and future trends. (Requires extra preparation time.)
In-Depth, One Subject
Any one item normally covered by a Comprehensive consultation.
Specific Issue
Dealing with one specific issue.
Weight Control
Specific and unique based upon your individual birth data. (Uses my recent research.)
Child's Reading
Understand your child's individuality. A wonderful gift!

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Services and Prices
Service Time Price (US $)
Comprehensive 1-1.5hr $125
In-Depth, One Subject 1 hr $40
Specific Issue 30 min $20
Weight Control 1-1.5hr $100
Child's Reading 1 hr $100

If you are interested in one of these Consulting Services, you can choose to provide me with the preliminary necessary information.

Kira Ivory, Astrological Consultant

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