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Moon, Planet, House, and Sign Combinations

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Moon/Mars/lst house/Aries
quick hormone and behavioral responses/hot foods/peppers/irritability/quick movements/need for change/excitability/food irritants/quick eating/nervousness/impulsive/head/eyes/temperature regulation/headaches/sores/fevers/exploration of new places, foods
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Moon/Venus/2nd house/Taurus
thyroid gland and hormones/neck/strong appetites and tendency to decide what foods and needs are of value/slow/building/self assessment
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Moon/Mercury/3rd house/Gemini
movement/hormonal travel with enzymes/reaction time and directional awareness/movement of food through digestive tract/brothers and sisters/communication
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Moon/4th house/Cancer
hormonal imbalances/eating disorders/family issues/food allergies/emotional disorders/pregnancy problems/nurturing issues/basic shelter and food/personal space boundaries/mother/sister
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Moon/Sun/5th house/Leo
hormones and other activities or habits may strongly affect heart functioning, needs about developing or expressing creative interests, more involvement with children than average person, family focus on creativity/first child
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Moon/Mercury/6th house/Virgo
Food and hormonal combination figure strongly in mental and physical health; may have family, personal, or professional interest in health, may have allergies or special needs, self-control and organization issues or strengths, digestive processes/discrimination processes
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Moon/Venus/7th house/Libra
lower back, kidney, adrenal, and several other hormone interactions, hearing-listening issues, relationship issues, balance needed in many life areas, close personal relationships strongly affected, 2nd child/contractual agreements
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Moon/Mars-Pluto/8th house/Scorpio
adrenals, blood, muscles, exercise for strength, impulsive, beginning, or quick actions, drive toward goals, anemia, vitality, regeneration-elimination of habits or physical components, birth-death, surgery/cleansing
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Moon/Jupiter/9th house/Sagittarius
thighs, liver, fat metabolism, blood cleansing, enzyme and hormonal interactions, 3rd child, belief system, ability to make judgements/mental expansion
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Moon/Saturn/10th house/Capricorn
bones, teeth, tendons, all stiffening, arthritis, deposits, minerals, structuring, responsibility, knees/responsibility and issues concerning/respect
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Moon/Saturn/Uranus/11th house/Aquarius
most changeable and innovative or individualized diet/does not receive or give nurturing well/adjustments needed/food more of a friend/endocrine or hormonal changes, swollen or weak ankles, sudden sprains or breaks/group affinities/breakthroughs
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Moon/Jupiter/Neptune/12th house/Pisces
sensitivities, sugars, fats, alcohol, herbs, drugs, unusual experiences, water balances, lymph fluids, infections, feet, hidden or misunderstood conditions, addictions, celebrating, need for appreciation and experience of esoteric or non-mundane, inspiration or depression, non-focused or loose boundaries (permeability)

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