Immigration Links


Check with your teacher or the Piner librarian to get the password for the following two sites.

The History Resource Center
This site may be searched in a variety of ways -- by keyword, by year, by  time period, by subject, etc.

The American Journey
This site contains a collection of primary source material -- photos, diaries, documents, letters, etc.  Go to the unit on The Immigrant Experience.


Immigration: The Living Mosaic of People, Culture and Hope
Student and teacher created Think Quest site on immigration and Ellis Island. Includes stories of a variety of individuals and groups who immigrated to the U.S.

Cyndi's List - Immigration & Naturalization
An amazing collection of references intended mainly to help people doing genealogical research, including links about Ellis Island and Angel Island.

They Came to America
Prepared for 5th and 8th grade social studies units, this site has links to information about immigrants from Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Italy, Poland and Hungary.

Historical United States Census Data Browser
Data from the U. S. Census from 1790 to 1970, including countries of origin of people in the U.S.


Close Up Foundation Special Topic Page: U.S. Immigration Policy
Includes: Overview of U.S. Immigration Policy, Summary of Current U.S. Immigration Law, Statistics on Immigration to the United States, a Timeline of U.S. Immigration Policy and Links to U.S. Government , Outside Analysis, Media and Historical Sources.

Immigration Policy Reports: A Short History of U.S. Immigration Policy
From the American Immigration Law Foundation. U.S. immigration policy has been one of great openness, punctuated by periods of restriction. Legal immigration has evolved today into a highly-regulated system that allows American families to sponsor close relatives and employers to hire immigrants with important skills, while permitting U.S. foreign policy to remain flexible in accepting refugees and those seeking asylum. (1996)


Ellis Island and Immigration, ca. 1880-1920 - Illustrated List (Library of Congress)
Click on any image to get a full-size photo or engraving.

Images of Ellis Island
Click on any image to get a full-size photo.


African Americans
History, culture, arts and sports

African American Odyssey: a Quest for Full Citizenship (Library of Congress)
Showcases the incomparable African American collections of the Library of Congress. Displays more than 240 items, including books, government documents, manuscripts, maps, musical scores, plays, films, and recordings. Slavery--The Peculiar Institution tells the story of the forced migration of Africans to America through documents.


Asian Americans - Compton's Encyclopedia
Lengthy article on history and background of Asian immigration, with links to other resources.

Growing Up Asian in America - Recommended Reading
Includes books on each of the following: Asian American, Cambodian American, Chinese American, Filipino American, Indian American, Japanese American, Korean American, Laotian American and Vietnamese American.

Timeline of Asian Pacific American History
Tragedies in the Past, Little Known Achievements and Important People.


Chinese Americans
History, influence on American culture and contemporary issues.

Interactive Chinese American History
Class at UC Berkeley includes essays on Angel Island, Parachute Kids, Chinese American: The Model Minority,  and has a Chinese American Timeline with links to photos and documents.

Angel Island Immigration Station
History and background

Filipino Americans
Culture, history,  and contemporary issues.


Japanese Americans
Culture, social organization and history.

Japanese American Network
Many links to information about Japanese American history, including a number of sites focusing on Japanese American Internment during WWII. Includes a Chronology. and links to Japanese Town (San Francisco) photographs.

Korean Americans
History, culture and current trends


Hmong Means Free
First chapter of  a book about the Hmong experience in Laos and in the U.S. Laos: Includes Geography, History, and Ethnic Composition, French Colonial Rule, Japanese Occupation, First Indochina War, American Intervention in Laos, The Laotian Civil War,  Second Indochina War, and Adapting to Life in the United States

WWW Hmong Home Page
A variety of information about the Hmong.

Lao Family Community
History, culture, family and a comparison between Hmong and American world views.

Peter's Laos Home Web Page
Photo gallery of pictures taken recently in Laos.

Vietnamese Americans
History, adjustment to America and contemporary issues.


French Americans
History of Huguenots, settlement of Louisiana and later immigants.


German Americans
Early immigrants, influence on American culture, and German Americans in the 20th century.

The German-Americans: An Ethnic Experience
Online book, including chapters on Why Germans Left Home, Where To? and Inequality: Incomes, Occupations, Social Structure plus a chronology and much more.

Great Britain

British Americans
Early history beginning in 1607 and immigration in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Irish Americans
History, influence on American culture and contemporary issues.

The Irish Famine, 1845-50
Rich site with photos, drawings, prints, and first person stories, diaries, newspaper articles, and additional links.

A Tide of Emigration to the United States and the British Colonies
1859 article from the London Illustrated News.

Italian Americans
Culture, history and contemporary issues.


Creating American Jews
The permanent exhibition of the National Museum  of American Jewish History. Exploring the evolution of Jewish identity in America.

The History of Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and Jewish Immigration to America
A brief history of Jewish immigration to America.

Jewish Americans

The Jewish American Experience
College student essay.

The American Jewish Experience through the Nineteenth Century: Immigration and Acculturation
History of Jewish immigration to America from the National Humanities Center.


Norwegian Americans: Journey to America in the (18) Fifties
A sketch is written mainly from information obtained from a woman who was a child of nine years when her family emigrated from Drammen, Norway, to America, in the spring of 1853.

Norwegian American Historical Association Publications
Scroll through the online volumes to find translated letters and other accounts of the immigrant experience.

Russian Americans
History and religion.

Scandinavian Americans
History and culture.


A True Story of a Pioneer Mother
A Swedish woman's history.

Swedish Emigration to America
Factors which led to emigration and a history of the immigrant experience.

Latin America

Hispanic Immigrants: Trials and Tribulations
This lesson plan from a teachers' institute includes and article on the barrios or Urban Villages of Los Angleles and two interviews, one on the Cuban Experience and another on the Puerto Rican Experience.

History of Hispanic American Immigration
From 1513 to the present. Includes information about Puerto Rican and Cuban immigration as well as Mexican and Central American groups.


Cuban Americans
Includes history of immigration.

History of Cuba Timetable
1492 - 1999. this site also includes a gallery of Cuban heroes.

Mexican Americans
Includes information about language, religion, public life, history