The Immigrant Experience 

Who is an American?







from Santa Rosa City Schools Social Science Content Standards for U.S. History

The student will identify connections between advancements in technology and industry and the demographic shift from rural to urban areas, increasing immigration, political corruption, and the rise of Progressives.

from California Social Science Content Standards for U.S. History

11.2 Students analyze the relationship among the rise of industrialization, large scale rural to urban migration, and massive immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe

In addition to meeting
all criteria identified in Distinguished and Proficient columns:


  • excerpts from primary sources, like letters, stories, tickets, lists, audio tapes, etc.

The entire exhibit is unified and coherent; a single concept ties together text and visual elements.

All elements of exhibition look authentic.

Mechanics are nearly perfect.

In addition to meeting
all criteria identified in Proficient column:


  • other documents or artifacts related to the groupís journey.

At least six sources (print and Internet) are used.

Visuals are combined with text and artifacts with attention to design elements of balance and color. 

Text and documents are logically organized to tell a story.

Presents one immigrant groupís background.


  • historical background and reasons why people in the immigrant group left home
  • problems they experienced along the way
  • cultural traditions
  • life in America
Contains all of the following:
  • title
  • text
  • photos and/or sketches
  • statistical tables or graphs
  • annotated bibliography in Piner Works Cited format
At least four sources (print and Internet) are used. Primary documents are appropriately labeled. All additional text is the original composition of the creator.

Stands alone on the floor or on a table. Makes sense to the solo viewer.

Elements are laid out neatly. 

Text and titles are typed (except facsimiles of documents) and have very few mechanical errors.

Completed on time.

Exhibition is finished but fails to meet one or more of the criteria described in the Proficientcolumn.