Fluoride and Lead

Effects of fluoridation and disinfection agent combinations on lead leaching from leaded-brass parts. Abstract
Adverse Health and Behavior from Silicofluorides: A Public Service Service Website Addressing a Major Health Issue, by R.D. Masters, Ph.D.
Fluorosilicates Increase the Incidence of Heavy Metal Crimes
Perspective on EPA Information
Excerpt from Portland Water Bureau Bull Run Laboratory Tests
Fluoride and Lead, by Frances Frech
Toxic Metals in a Hydrofluosilicic Acid Solution
Corrosion Control Engineer Explains Fluoride Action
Letter of William Marcus, Ph.D. to Dr. Lozoff
Lead and Copper Rule Fact Sheet, Excerpted from EPA publication
Lead, Fluoride, the Roman Empire and the Decline of Academic Achievement in the United States, by Dan Montgomery

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