Researchers Uncovering Mechanisms Behind Fluoride's Toxicity
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Fluoride, the "Golden Child" of dental professionals around the world, seems to have a "dark side" that few outside a very specialized field of the scientific community are aware of. As disturbing as it may be, fluoride apparently has the ability to cause DNA damage and even "cell death" to human cells.
In a new study, researchers from the National Institute for Environmental Studies in Japan note that "Even though fluoride toxicity is increasingly being considered to be important, very little information is available on the mechanism of action of fluoride."
Lead researcher Dr. C. Anuradha, in comments to the Optimal Wellness Center, explains that "fluoride in general is harmful to any type of cell. We have seen that fluoride causes cell death in other non-cancerous cells but however the mode of death has been found to be different."

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