Mission San Juan Bautista and Plaza

California State Historic Landmark 195

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#189 Mission San Juan Bautista
Founded June 24, 1797 by Father Lasuen, 15th of the 21 missions. Largest and only church with 3 aisles. Dedicated in 1812. Monastery wing consisted of 36 rooms.
This mission has never been abandoned. It is now the parish church of San Juan Bautista.

No plaque exists.
#195 Mission Cemetery
Buried in this sacred ground in unmarked graves are about 4300 mission indians, Spanish and pioneer settlers.
This mission's first offering to God, marked with the sign of the Holy Trinity, was a child, Maria Trinidad, buried April 23, 1798. Fr. Jose Martiarena officiated.

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2nd and Mariposa Sts, San Juan Bautista.


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