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LADD-FRITH - where noise and silence collide

Since 1981 we've been doing our thing. The LF thing. The Best Of The LeFt World. All that. Why? Because it had to be done. We did it through media: promoting the best & freshest sounds we could with our Objekt Magazine, Objekt Radio and Video Objekt series. And we did it through sound: releasing the most important & challenging sound artists we could find. Bands like Blackhouse, Pacific 231, Controlled Bleeding, Mr. Bungle, Minimal Man, Asmus Tietchens, Negativland, Le Syndicat, Monochrome Bleu, The Haters, Savage Republic, John Trubee and more have all been in the LF Crew... and we're proud of it. We're also proud that it's a diverse mix of Noise, Electronic, Punk, Junk, Edit, Ambient, Rock & Trash that we offer. Yes the bands and styles are different, yet there is a definite factor that unites us all at LF. We're defiant. We're all willing to challenge the norm & break from the status quo because we're different and confident. We wouldn't have it any other way. Would we? Could we?
I don't think so.


Brian Ladd and Julie Frith

9am -9pm CA time

LADD-FRITH P.O. Box 967 Eureka, CA 95502 USA   all images & words are © Ladd-Frith  All rights reserved


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