dribbles is a collection of strange out-takes and unreleased snippets that somehow have never made it onto any Blackhouse release. I sat on these tidbits for ten years wondering what I should do with them. I considered using them for compilation cuts... I considered recording additional tracks on top of them... I considerd and considered. Until one bright day in July when I decided to tackle all those cuts and string 'em together into one cohesive.... yet undefinable..... something. The result is dribbles and I think you might enjoy it as much as I do.

dribbles : because some stuff just...... is.

BLACKHOUSE - album notes for “Dribbles”

1. SafeHouse
SafeHouse was the original first cut from the SexsExseX recording sessions. It was recorded live
with just a beatbox, a guitar and a microphone which was run not only though my trusted fuzz
unit, but though a wah-wah pedal as well. The lyrics were improvised on the spot.

2. Dem Follow
In the mid-to-late 1990’s I became infatuated with sampling and MIDI and tried to blend many
different styles together through timecode and sequencing. The samples on this cut were taken
from Brian Eno, The Specials and some 1980’s San Francisco punk band.

3. Goin’ Down (v.i.p. mix)
Again: samples and MIDI but this time it’s a slow, easy, laid-back hip-hop groove. I always
imagined that this cut could be used for a pass-around rap type song. Maybe some day it will be.

4. Passion Killer
Yes - the glissando synthesizer sounds slash like a knife over a dark mystery soundtrack, but
the title isn’t about murder. Think about it.

5. Time
Every sample on this track comes from the “art rock” band Gentle Giant which was big in the
1970’s. I created this cut for a compilation which I entitled “Knots” - a dedication to Gentle
Giant. Alas, my cut was never included... but they did use my album title.

6. The House That Blackie Built
During the SexsExseX sessions, I would carry a tape recorder with me wherever I went. This cut
features not only devious “spy” music but the actual recordings from time I spent in my garage...
in winter... freezing my butt off! Also included are some nifty “corrupted” data samples that are
- in fact - mistakes. Truthfully, it sounds better than if I had PLANNED to do that! Mistakes rule!

7. Radar Bats
More “garage” recordings from the SexsExseX era. Sounds were recorded through a tiny intercom
system that connects my studio with the garage and recorded onto the portable tape machine I
carried with me. I swear you can hear the cassette tape wheels mechanism squeaking. Listen!

8. Dub Dub
This was originally called “Sex Dub” because it was from the SSS sessions... and also because it
reminded me of the “C.S. Mixes” by Renegade Soundwave! That brings us to....

9. Renegade Dub
Which is in reality.... just another mix of Dub Dub..... but perhaps a little bit .... crazier.

10. Love Me Tender
After you hear this cut..... you’ll understand the irony. Trust me.

11. Seven Teens
One day I was goofing around with beats and samples and I just did this nutty live mix of
sequences that were already in the MIDI box. You might recognize some of the sound effects
which I did use on cuts like “All This Language” from “Dreams Like These”. It’s a strange mix!

12. Snake Guitar
Actually it’s an E-Bow on an electric guitar and an electric bass.

13. All This
My voice ....

14. Language And Nothing To Say
... and only my voice.

15. ProtoType X
This turned out to be the inspiration - the precursor to my “Rhythm Boxing” album.



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