BLACKHOUSE : Rhythm Boxing
(CDR) (2005) Ladd-Frith LFBHRB

The Beats
Shape Shifter
King Kong Ping Pong
Arise Blackhouse Youth
Medicine Man
Sock Hop From Heaven
U Robot

Rhythm Boxing
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Here's the newest BLACKHOUSE release - Rhythm Boxing. It was recorded live in the studio using only the sounds of the trusty and faithful BLACKHOUSE beatbox : The Roland CR78. When I started BLACKHOUSE back in 1984 the overwhelming power of this rhythm box helped me create and define my own sound. Releases like Hope Like A Candle were entirely propelled by the distorted analog beats of this classic electronic drummer. As years went by I aquired more drum units.... digital ones.... MIDI ones..... and then there were the sampling keyboards and loops. So... the CR78 went into the closet and sat for a few years.... Until Now!


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