A return to the harsh realm - updated and assembled for maximum audio penetration


Song Titles:


01. Foreplay - that's what it always starts with

02. Flame On - the heat of desire's gonna set you on fire

03. Sex Sells - sex sex sex: it sells sells sells

04. Cool Cool Cat - because you never know where their vein has been

05. Sex Sells - Reprise - sex sex sex: it's cells cells cells

06. Shaggin' - more than sex / less than love

07. Romeo (Roll Me Over, Juliet) - the classic tale

08. Sex Sex Sex - Club Mix - just add water!

09. Lies - it's the truth!

10. Totally Gone - Crooner Mix - you're gonna love my lounge act tour!

11. Romeo - Reprise - the classic tail


I dedicate this CD to all of the Warriors.

Don't let them die in vain:

Always use a condom & practice safe sex.


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