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B2LA3CK1 (Blackhouse & Pacific 231)
"Beetu Lathri Kwan"
CDR $12.00

Old School Industrial Pioneers BLACKHOUSE & PACIFIC 231 have teamed up for a brand new project! Utilizing digital technology, we have recorded and produced an unusual array of high quality material that defies all categories and transcends the implied borders of new music. The result is a mix of jazz, electronic, ethnic and techno music that is as minimal as it is complex... as disturbing as it is relaxing... as challenging as it is acceptable. And it was all recorded over the 'net... thru digital downloads and uploads... through emails and Skype. It's the way we work as a virtual band... tracks recorded in Dublin, Ireland and Eureka, California... and mixed in thin air. Yes: it's the New Age... and here we are!

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CDR $12.00

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