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Boxing2  Ignite Live    
"Rhythm Boxing 2 / Special Edition"
2 CDR Set $25.00

The songs contained pon this album are not un-finished. They are NOT half-finished. NOT partials. NOBODY listens to a Gene Krupa drum solo and says it's a half-finished song. No. The songs contained on this album are examples.... SPECIMENS of a time in my Life when I was experimenting with the aspects of a LIVE rhythm boxing performance. That's right: EVERY CUT on this album is LIVE! And don't you ever forget it! 2 high quality Taiyo Yuden GOLD CDr discs in a recycled double CD vest w/ OBI STRIP - stamped with limited edition # of 50!!! Oh Man. How can you resist!


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2 CDR Set $25.00

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