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"Holy War"
CD $18.00

CD album in a limited edition of 300 copies. Probably Blackhouse's best known album next to "Hope", "Holy War" originally came out in 1987 on the American RRRecords label. It is possibly the harshest of all Blackhouse albums, but also introduced song and melody to the bands oeuvre. Brutal rhythms and noisy vocals probably make this the archetypal Blackhouse album. In 2012, Brian Ladd has totally reworked and remastered the original recordings. For the first time ever, "Holy War" is presented to you as it was intended by the artist. This is what Brian Ladd says about this new version: "It's louder and more intense than any album by _________. It could be the loudest album on the planet. It's loud when it's quiet. And when ya turn it up.... it's EVEN LOUDER, but it still sounds crisp. INTENSELY LOUD and crisp. I've NEVER heard anything like it."!

CD release by KlangGalerie of Austria

Holy War


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CD $18.00

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