10 Points of Reyes

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Riders gather in the fading rays of the day

The Thursday evening group morphed into a Full Moon Bike Ride. Eric (Fuzzy) just back from a trip north, suggested a ride in the open areas of Point Reyes. It was initially a very small group but slowly grew to ten people. The ten dynamic adventure seekers were willing to cast aside a normal view of biking and roll into the realm of magic. Lisa, Paul, Sarah, Chris, Dana, Dana, Michel, Eric (A.D.), Eric (Fuzzy) and Jordan gathered at the Hostel. As the light softened and faded the group headed towards the headlands of the National Seashore.

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The fun begins

The ride quickly proceeded into the hills along the Estero trail. The moon was up and beaming brightly. The off-shore breeze banished the fog for the entire event, except for a few wisps at the very end. Several of the Thursday regulars sported headlights that were never used. The open trails and bright moon conspired to make the passage relatively easy.

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Moonriders appear at the back edge of the day

Easy riding is a slippery term. If one can relax enough to ignore the fact that much is unseen, it goes easily. However it can be nerve racking to ride in a venue that is far from normal. The extra tension can mess with one's skill set. None-the-less there were no major stacks, (Paul was seen imitating Superman once when he disappeared into the tall grass) no flats and no mechanical issues occurred during the evening. The trail was smooth and predictable and offered only challenges when it became a shallow, narrow ditch in parts.

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Sarah ripping across the landscape

The trail began a long climb. It was the first of several for the evening. This part of the terrain had maximum exposure to the moon. The riders swiftly climbed the hill with no breaks. The pace was quick to the top. Little time was taken before this downhill commenced. The speed was somewhat tame. Those riders who are willing to let go completely weren't on this ride.

The group wasted no time getting to the edge of the Estero where the dynamics changed slightly. The singletrack entered an area of tall grass creating a challenge to stay centered. Small bumps added to the mix. Dana in the lead, called out each anomaly as the group proceeded to the first break of the evening.

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Group communes with beer, banter and munchies

The ten riders plunked down at an appropriate, open area and feasted on a modest assortment of food and beer. Chris opened his magic pack and produced more beer than would fit into it. Lisa offered Brie and bread. The Rolling Deli™ was operating in Lite mode offering chips and sandwiches. The group reveled in the unique spirit of the moment. The confluence of bikin', the full moon, electrolytes and a spectacular setting produced a rare and desireable occurance of joy and fun.

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Anti-cow device fails to deter the bikin' fools

Eventually the group rallied and headed out. Once past the cow/elk guard the group encountered two interesting features. The first for the virgins was a short romp through a section of woods that blocked most of the available moonlight. Although the path was smooth, some found it difficult to let go and ride into the void. While some were still in the woods, the hard-to-miss elk in the neighborhood began to trumpet. They are big animals. Large, dark objects could barely be seen moving across the adjacent hillside, apparently and fortunately not interested in the bikin' brigade.

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Lisa blends into the fuzzy lunar dimension

The riders climbed another hill. Upon reaching the upper level of the hill, the trail became deeper from use. Although smooth it became difficult to stay centered in the narrow path.  The last mile to the bluffs was tedious. Eventually all made it to the spectacular lookout. The effort was wholly worth the reward. The sky remained clear, the wind was mild and the moon generously splashed the ocean with a vast offering of dazzling moonlight.

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Dana and Dana revel in the moment

The hour was growing late as the ten riders began the return trek. Though it was several miles, the pace was definitely not "Lisaly". It took much less time to cover the same distance. The climbs seemed longer and the trail seemed less accomodating. None-the-less all of the riders swiftly returned, stopping only for one extended break. At some point after midnight, the group reappeared at the cars. Fuzzy's "Best Beer in the World" was retrieved and passed around. When that was finished, the flask appeared to fuel the remaining souls.

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End of another very special event

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