420-21.jpg (1374379 bytes)

Chris climbs to the signpost

420-22.jpg (1272241 bytes)

The tunnel of terror

420-23.jpg (780044 bytes)

Lisa's Fun Tax bill comes due on the backside of the Oat

420-24.jpg (880740 bytes)

Wind cave

420-25.jpg (756453 bytes)

John wheels across the terrain

420-26.jpg (1283880 bytes)

Top of the Oat, basking in the sun

420-27.jpg (416296 bytes)

John and Marissa in front of the Palisades

420-28.jpg (1057221 bytes)

Group pauses at the Sunset section

420-29.jpg (919355 bytes)

First option, the well-spring

420-30.jpg (715872 bytes)

Smooth as silk

420-31.jpg (779721 bytes)

The Middle Way

420-32.jpg (977825 bytes)

Sweat lodge at sunset