To Whom It May Concern: Ramblin’ thoughts about 9-11

It is fascinating the differences of opinion surrounding the impending war that our leaders want to commence in Iraq. On the surface it would appear that there is a pressing need to "take out" Saddam Hussein. But upon further review, a whole complex set of factors contra indicate the logic of this war.

Of critical importance to the debate is the use of propaganda on both sides of the issue. What is the motivation of our government? If one looks below the surface, all sorts of facts come to light. If one traces the rhetoric beyond the newsprint, there lies a host of influences that are far from the superficial jingoism’s that have been fed to a poorly informed public.

To begin with, the history of the middle east is complex. One must first remember that this vast area of the world was simply sliced up by the allies after WWII. Imagine, if you can, having the U.S. arbitrarily cut up for the exploitation of a foreign entity. We would not be happy. Why should the Palestinians, for example, be happy about having their country simply given to somebody else?

To think that oil doesn’t play a part is naive at best. Simply look at the make up of the administration. Look at the obscene consumption habits of the Americans. It is a fact that if we would insist upon high gas mileage vehicles, without giving up any luxury we would eliminate the need to import any mid-east oil all together.

We have the best chance in the world for a wonderful life. Unfortunately we have it so good that too many people have become complacent and ignorant of what is happening in the rest of the world. We are living in an unsustainable fashion at the expense of other countries worldwide. This creates animosity, anger and frustration towards us. This anger caused by the injustice of our actions will come home to roost. It is terribly naive to think otherwise. It is also naive to think that we can sustain such inequity for long. Just as nature abhors a vacuum, it also will not sustain such imbalance.

Why in the world do we allow such dangerous actions that our current leaders suggest? It is not for the people of the world, but to sustain the greedy juggernaut of personal and corporate greed. Therein lies the problem and the solution. We don’t need to give up anything to be happy, well adjusted and peaceful. We needn’t give up our wonderful lifestyle, we need only to employ justice, equality and freedom for all peoples of the world. Any time any nation attempts to subjugate others, it ultimately fails. Freedom is a force that does not die. It will rise from the darkest dungeons, it will outlast the most oppressive regimes. It is the heart and soul of our nature.

Despite the rhetoric, our leaders are taking us down a dark path. It is the path of violence and terror. We need to see beyond the headlines and have the moral courage to change the disastrous course that the corporation-influenced White House is taking us. We do have problems. We cannot bomb our way to peace. We must bite the bullet, gird our loins and tackle the deeper issues that govern our decisions. One must start at home by becoming informed. Look around.