The Bikin Fools

Summer Classic Series: Shredding the Summit


Each summer the 'Fools manage to collect a huge portion of fun and adventure on the mt. bikes. This year's venue was Austin's playground, the summit at Norden in the Sierra's. Several were called, but only four would respond to the call of epic fun and face the challenge of four days of non-stop high times.

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Chipmunk rallies for the party

Davy and Wade drove down from Oregon. Initially they started out in two vehicles. By the time they arrived in Tahoe, they were in Davy's van with Wade's car on a trailer. Davy was towing the trailer anyway, so why not travel together? This would come in handy for Davy about half way, when the call of the previous night's partying become too much and Wade took over the driving while Davy spray painted the side of the van and trailer.

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The Oregon contingent arrives

The first order of business was to consume beer, then head out to the bridge to watch the sunset.Austin's pad is only about a mile from one of the most spectacular views in Tahoe. As the old highway 40 crests the summit,views to the east and Donner Lake come into view.

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First shred of the weekend

After an evening of beer tasting, the summit squad put the day to rest. The following day would see the bikers go big at North Star. This great feature offers miles of downhill shredding complete with berms, gaps, bumps, kickers and if desired, the most gnarly, double black diamond, technical downhill trails.

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Crew heading towards fun

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A trip to the local brewpub topped off a scintillating day. The plan for the next day was to ride the Hole-in-the-ground trail. The ride starts at Austin's pad, heads north past Boreal and off into some of the Sierra's nicest scenery. The ride is about fifteen miles of wooded, mountainous terrain. It is never level and in the month of June, snow still exists in many shaded areas.

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Safety break along the trail

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Beauty along the way

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Happy family in the mountains

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Wade blows through the stream

The Hole-in-the-ground trail was strenuous and taxing. On  the return to the house, a mini tour event happened. As the riders stroked towards the end of a long day, a race began to develop. With Wade leading the way, Austin began a determined attack on the lead. The effort covered several miles with an exciting photo finish. If ever, a biker had earned a beer, this was the day.

The next day was planned to be a run from Mt. Rose to the Flume Trail. However, it turns out that the trail is only legal for bikes on even numbered days. A quick revision had the bikers headed to Spooner lake and the other approach to the Flume Trail. A five mile climb burned lots of calories, but the effort was worth each turn of the pedal. Once past Marlette lake, the flume trail, as always, turned into one monstrous Kodak moment.

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Austin and Wade schlog up the road to Marlette Lake

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Brain crushing beauty

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Doesn't get any better